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J.Lo vs. Sir Mix Alot?

In a playful PSA, Jennifer Lopez owns “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot, encouraging women all around the world to love their own butts.

Throwback Thursday Video.


The ‘Throwback Thursday’ videos have been off and on over the last two years, but this is only because they need to be the right ones.  I remember it was 2002, and I was in the back of a friends car, getting a ride home from school from some friends, when “I Know What You Want” came on New York’s ‘Hot 97’, and I screamed at the driver not to change the station.  The silky melody and sultry bass lines of the song had me instantly hooked, and the song has been literally my favorite hip hop song ever since.  Check the method and reminisce.

The Newest Addition To The Angry Birds Franchise.


An animated movie these days just isn’t complete without some cute baby characters, and The Angry Birds Movie is no exception. Rovio and Sony Pictures have debuted our first look at the the adorable Hatchlings as they (attempt to) sing “Deck the Halls” to get us in the Christmas spirit.  The main trio of Angry Birds will be led by Jason Sudeikis (Horrible Bosses, We’re the Millers) as Red, a bird with a temper, with Josh Gad (Frozen) as the speedy Chuck, and Danny McBride (This is the End, “Eastbound & Down”) voicing the volatile Bomb.

The ‘Look At Me Now’ Karmin Cover.

I’m an avid ‘Tosh.0′ fan, and I love some of the segments he posts up like “Asians doing Christopher Walkin impressions” or the subsequent “White girls doing Bill Cosby impressions”, but recently I’ve seen a rash of “White girls doing covers of Look At Me Now”.  For whatever odd reason, girls all over the place have taken to trying to spit either the Busta Rhymes’ verse, or the entire song, but one girl in particular has nailed it.  During a studio session I was prompted to look up a video of “Karmin” performing the track originally by Chris Brown, Busta Buss, and Lil Tunchi (Lil Wayne), and I was quite impressed, especially by the adaptation of the chorus.  Check the method below.