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Sarah Jean Underwood’s Star Wars Halloween Costumes.

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Former ‘Attack The Show host and Playboy Playmate Sara Jean Underwood features in this funny parody of the sexy Halloween outfit trend. Prepare to feel very confused by sexy Darth Vader, sexy Yoda, and sexy…. Admiral Ackbar.

It’s a trap. The Playboy-produced vid serves as an amusing parody of the various ridiculous sexy takes on character costumes doing the rounds, but it is also an excuse to shoot the lovely Sara Jean Underwood wearing very little. Those sneaky Nerf-herders. To be fair, some of the costumes actually look pretty cool, but sexy Bib Fortuna may haunt your nightmares for some time.

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What Happens When You Mix French Fashion With Japanese Culture?


Photography / BEN SANDLER
Art direction & Set Design / BONSOIR PARIS
This fashion story immerses us into a new state-of-the-art future, illuminated by neon lights and optimized by ancestral self-introspection.

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Summer Skies


Check out these photos that was shot for Lulu’s by JUCO on location at Weese’s Pieces. The props were created by Graham Keegan, while Cara Fox-Galassi did the styling for the shoot. Hair was by Charles Mcnair and make up was done by Sandy Ganzer. Unfortunately the name of the beautiful model was not given.

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SPLASH Dubai 2013 Calendar


Oversized faceted paper heart, created for Lucia Giacani’s shot of Room 2013 and commissioned by fashion label Splash Dubai. We also created a brain, lungs and eye as part of the shoot, all in textured and reflective papers.

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Parkour in Motion

Ben-Franke-Parkour-in-Motion-2-580x386 Ben-Franke-Parkour-in-Motion-3-580x386 timthumb.php

Photographer Ben Franke took parkour art to another level with this serie of photography entitled Parkour in Motion.
Shooting in NYC with a Canon 5D Mark II & a 24-80mm lens, he tried to capture what Parkour looks like when it’s seen in stop motion. The images are quite bluffing, picture an authentic moment of effort in what is considered as an impressive sport and an amazing art.

timthumb-1.php timthumb-2.php timthumb-3.php timthumb-4.php

Maino – Glad To Be Alive.

Many artists in the rap game have suffered trials and tribulations before, during, or even as a result of their careers in entertainment.  Some are more vocal about their issues (Eminem) and others simply keep it to themselves and keep it moving.  But New York rapper Maino has taken a different approach, and simply decided to give thanks for the fact that he’s still breathing.  Check the method.

Sweet Miss Sara Lime.

Sara Lime is an Iranian born model that is currently living in Los Angeles. Her career as a model has delivered her to such endeavors as print and jewelry modeling, live event appearances, swimsuit, lingerie, as well as Internet modeling. Expanding her modeling experience, Sara Lime has also appeared in music videos from Optimus (Pot Of Rain, and On The Grind) and a few theatre productions.

Yesenia Bustillo.

Normally when my staff and I find a model intriguing enough to put on the site, we have a slew of information already provided to write the post.  (If we don’t have the info, the post never tends to make it onto the blog.)  With Yesenia Bustillo however, we all just decided she was too hot NOT to put up, and being located around the Bay Area gave her an added advantage.  So unlike the normal posts, I can’t provide fans and followers with a country of origin, a full resume, and a bit of personal history.  But what I can say about this lovely Latin model is that her poise, natural luminescent beauty, and amazing figure are sure to take her modeling career to whatever heights she desires.  I’m sure her spread in SHOW is just the beginning of many great things to come, and I can’t wait to see more from her.  And check out my interview with her right here.

Wiz Khalifa’s Rolling Stone Cover.

Rolling Stone Magazine has always been one of those publication that has such a reputation that if you’re on the cover, you’ve made it.  Unfortunately Snookie from ‘Jersey Shore’ graced the cover a not too long ago, (I’m not sure why they did that, but I don’t run the publication), and all though I feel like they messed up with Snooki, Wiz Khalifa donning the new Rolling Stone cover makes up for it.  Behind the scenes shots of Wiz rolling weed, with his new blond streak were all filmed during the cover shoot.  Check the exclusive look at the photoshoot from Rolling Stone below.