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Asher Roth – Dope Sh*t (Official Video).

Asher Roth may have released his mixtape ‘Pabst & Jazz’ a little while ago, but the single “Dope Sh*t” just got own video recently.  The song talks about the difference between what the radio typically plays versus the music that some entertainers would prefer to have out there.  With a great hook and a subtle but well produced beat, the video for “Dope Sh*t is simply that… dope sh*t.  Check the method below.

Sh*t Girl’s Don’t Say.

Over the course of my life (starting in college) I began to keep a list of the top 5 most impressive things girls have ever said to me.  Weather it was a funny comment, a sexual comment, something I needed to hear exactly in that moment, or just an incredibly diesel statement, I just have always had that little list.  The other day when a friend of mine brought back up the YouTube video “Sh*t Girls Say” we stumbled across the parody titled “Sh*t Girl’s DON’T Say” which may be even truer.   Written by 1072 Productions, starring Sarah Walpert, and directed by Evan Padgett, this new YouTube hit just goes to show that even if a girl as as perfect as Ashley Logan (above)… In a relationship, there’s just certain things she probably won’t say.