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Mathew Guido’s Eye Candy.

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Schon! Magazine had quite the spread on their hands at the end of 2016.  Model Naro Lokuruka, along with the help of Richard J. and Mark John Tripp collaborated with Mathew Guido to produce some truly amazing photos.  Check the method.
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8 Bit Sunglasses?



Commonly referred to as the “Deal With It” shades when seen in internet memes, these 8-bit styled glasses are one solid piece of high quality laser cut & engraved smoked acrylic.  Click here to grab a pair for yourself.


Shwood for Mercedes-Benz Capsule Collection

shwood_mercedesbenz_00 shwood_mercedesbenz_03

Oregon-based eyewear brand Shwood – who have become well-known for their specialist wood frames – have teamed up with Mercedes-Benz to produce a limited edition series of sunglasses to commemorate the Mercedes-Benz-sponsored New York Fashion Week. The series sees Shwood’s classic Belmont and Canby silhouettes crafted from certain dashboards found in the all-new Mercedes-Benz 2014 S-Class with finishes including Metallized Ash, Black Polar, Brown Sunburst Myrtle, and Burl Walnut.


Boca do Lodo


Boca do Lodo unveils new Diamond Sideboard and Pixel Cabinet for 2013 collection. The design of Diamond Sideboard is recreated in a special edition, representing amethyst diamond on its exterior and three sculptured doors with a gold leaf interior. The pixel cabinet is crafted in different shades and is made of 1664 anodized aluminum triangles all over. The Pixel has four drawers in the bottom partitioned by a polished acrylic panel.

“Looking Good” Wall Mirror by Thabto

The Looking Good mirror from Thabto. It’s a funky, playful piece inspired by the classic sunglasses design. Thabto’s mirror looks like a giant pair of eyeglasses, so you can check out your own beautiful mug while at the same time you adjust your own shades. The dual mirror design actually has another advantage – you and your significant other can primp and preen yourselves side-by-side.

Custom Shades For A New Age.

Because most of us wear the same pair every day, we often have a deeper attachment to our sunglasses than other fashion accessories. They’re a really a good indicator of someone’s personality.  That’s why the customizable Crafty glasses are so great- finally, you can create your own design to express your unique individuality.  The material is prepped to take common paint and markers and each side of the lenses are covered with a protective film that can be removed when you’re done.  Get ‘em here.

Maboo Shades.

American brand Verde Styles presented a new series of handmade sunglasses Maboo Shades. All sunglasses in this series are created from bamboo. The swagger of the streets meets the elegance of nature in Verde Styles new project, Maboo Shades. Handmade from bamboo, one of the fastest growing plants in the world, Maboo Shades are eco-friendly, durable and lightweight.

The Mayfourteeth Look Book.

Introducing the Spring/Summer 2012 Mayfourteenth Eyewear collection. The 2012 frames were inspired by the tranquility of island life and wanderlust, and draw from elements resemblant to the striking patterns and colors of the beaches and jungles of coastal South America.

The new campaign was photographed by Dustin Aksland at his Manhattan studio and inspired by Ishla Grande and the coastal bungalows of Angra Dos Reis, Brazil.

The new collection uses a contrasting color palette of chocolate browns and carmel yellows inspired by the delicious torte and dulce de leche from the Villa do Abrao desert carts, mixed with moody blues and crystals reminiscent of the sun beaming off of the islands clear waters. Subtle tortoise and jaguar markings continue the theme of deviated patterns from nature.

Continuing with the theme of contemporary classic, Mayfourteenth’s delivery focuses both on texture and form. Thicker, bigger, and bolder frames all wearable from summer through autumn.  Mayfourteenth Eyewear is handmade using vintage Mazzucchelli acetate and fitted with optical quality CR-39 lens.  Made with careful hands and designed with sophisticated style.

Ksubi Cisco Silver and Black Leather Shades.

This classic aviator shape is given a modern militaristic feel through several well structured details, blending steal, leather, and acetate into a single standout frame. The Cisco has side shields with luxury leather detailing to help keep out the sun or wind, luxury leather detailing at the bridge, and grated metal detailing at the temples. While this may seem quite complex, it is actually quite simple on the face, the mark of great execution. It presents just the right balance of hard versus soft elements and simplicity in the overall shape, to create a technical but very wearable frame which works well on most faces.

Dolce & Gabbana Gold Edition 2012 Sunglasses.

For SS12 Dolce&Gabbana launch a very special and precious limited edition sunglass collection to satisfy your most luxurious eyewear needs.  The Gold Edition for SS12 is declined in the male and female versions. For women, the Dolce&Gabbana Gold Edition comes in two styles: Pure Gold and Gold Sofia.  The Pure Gold sunglasses are a vintage yet streamlined shape. The square frame is inspired by a gold ingot and provides a statement unparalleled by other sunglasses. The frame is gilded in 18K gold and is available in both white and yellow gold.  The Gold Sofia version has a lighter frame and is thoroughly inspired by vintage Fifties designs. The Sofia gold style is also available in both yellow and white gold.  The Special Edition aviators for men have been designed with a fold at the front where they can be folded to a 45-degree angle for practicality.  They can be worn on the belt or attached to a braided leather cold (which comes with the sunglasses) and worn round the neck.

Bianca Balti And Dolce & Gabbana’s New Sunglasses Line.

After releasing some teaser photos in February, Dolce & Gabbana has now unveiled the advertising film for its new line of eyewear – frames and sunglasses.  Directed by Luca Finotti and photographed by Giampaolo Sgura, this new campaign features Italian model Bianca Balti, who appears in a retro look with strong 1950s influences.

The Matt-Silk collection by Dolce & Gabbana uses classic shapes and colors like cherry red, taupe, cerluean blue as well as lipstick pink, earth brown and jet black.  In the words of the brand, the collection is “cool, pretty and perfectly in tune with this season’s main trend: Fifties.”

The spokesmodel for this new line, Bianca Balti, was also featured in the design duo’s 2012 spring/summer jewelry collection.

Rare Vintage Sunglasses.


I’m the type of person who wears shades only in hot weather.  Oddly enough it can be brighter than Reese Witherspoon’s teeth outside, but if its cold, I just don’t feel the need to wear shades.  But after peeping a collection of truly magnificent sun glasses that my good friend Andrew M. (a.k.a. Moodge) owns, I got interested in collecting.  When I began my hunt for rare vintage sunglasses, I was a bit stumped on where to start my search.  After weeks of scanning the web, I came across an ingenious solution that would have never crossed my mind in a million years…  They’re selection is remarkable, and although their prices reflect the rarity of the pieces they carry, they’re a good value if you have the cash for rare sunglasses market.  Check out their site and some of their gear.

Moet Rose x Mosley Tribes – Shades.

Mosley Tribes and Moët & Chandon recently partnered to create limited edition “Rosé” sunglasses in celebration of a private four-city celebrity hosted penthouse tour called The Rosé Lounge.  Select guests of the Rosé Lounge will receive the limited edition “Rosé” Mosley Tribes sunglasses and experience an evening with local tastemakers and media that bring the Moët Rosé nightlife experience to life.  The Raynes comes with a Mineral Glass Photochromic lens that adjusts to indoor and outdoor light conditions.  Moët & Chandon and Kelly Rowland debut the Rosé Lounge with an exclusive 200-person celebration for Kelly Rowland’s new album Here I Am in NYC on July 26 (my birthday).  The Rosé Lounge will also be traveling to Atlanta, Miami and Chicago.

“Prada Private”

Prada is introducing PradaPrivate, a collection of sunglasses that enables wearers to customize the letters and symbols on the temple of their frames.  The Prada sunglass customization allows for two letters, numbers, and symbols to be placed on the temple arms of their shades.  Each sunglass arm has a tiny removable section that screws on and off, allowing the letters, symbols and numbers to be screwed on in any configuration.

You can even choose between 3 different colors for the frame, including Black, White or Tortoiseshell.  The new Prada Private glasses will be available starting today exclusively at Sunglass Hut in USA and Prada boutiques worldwide. Retail price is $365.