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The Sabina Kelley Interview.

In the entire history of this blog, every interview I’ve featured, I’ve conducted myself, but this time around things are a bit different.  The folks over at YUHMM Magazine, got a hold of the ever so lovely Sabina Kelly and spoke with her about everything from the start of her career, to her tattoos, to her future plans.  Normally things like that don’t stop me from going after someone for me own interview, but the crew at YUHMM did it as well as I would have.  So below is the interview conducted by them, featuring Ms. Sabina Kelley.  Enjoy.

You are a formally trained ballet dancer and a former Vegas showgirl. I’d love to see you whoop ass on Dancing with the Stars. If cast on the show, do you think you could go all the way?

Hell ya! I would love to be on Dancing with the Stars. That show is so fun to watch because I love dancing. I think I would surprise a lot of people.

We think you would too. Tell us how you discovered the world of burlesque.

I discovered the world of burlesque with my love for pinups. I like everything from the 40’s and 50’s and burlesque was part of that. Dancing has always been really important in my life and I like all aspects of dancing. I even took a dance history class in college that taught me a lot about burlesque. I really got into it when I ran across old Sally Rand, Bettie Page and Tempest Storm burlesque footag. The tease of it is so playful and fun, and not trashy.

As a modern pinup, you’ve really carved out a unique niche for yourself by being one of the first to really put a rockabilly tattooed twist on a Bettie Paige style. Do you feel as though you’ve been instrumental in joining the two worlds?

I think maybe in a way, but I was not intentionally doing that. I was just being myself and was really involved with the scene. I do know that I have opened a lot of doors for girls who are heavily tattooed to model now in the industry, and showing the world that you can be heavily tattooed and still be classy, beautiful, sexy, and successful.

There’s been some debate with photographers that we’ve talked to that the communities like SucideGirls and GodsGirls are a fading trend. If that’s the case, some tattoo removal offices will be very busy in the next few years. What are your thoughts?

I’m not part of SuicideGirls or GodsGirls, but I do agree that SuicideGirls and GodsGirls are fads. I do think tattoos are popular now, but are also a fading fad. I had tattoos before they were cool and will have them after they are not cool anymore. I definietely think tattoo removal offices are gonna be busy. Why do you think I own my own ( I think a lot of girls and guys are getting tattooed right now because of how cool the reality shows are making it out to be, and I think a lot of them will regret their decisions and want them removed.

You and Anne Lindfjeld were recently featured in Playboy together. We’ve read on your blog that you shot with Playboy but the photos have yet to be released. I’ve been reading Playboy for many years and have never seen a fully sleeved centerfold. I will jump for joy if you are the first. Why do you think Playboy has been so safe and conservative with their model choices?

I would love to be the first centerfold or even better a Cover Girl for Playboy. They have been so safe and conservative with their model choices because Hef does not like tattoos. I hope to change his mind and be an exception.

Switchblade Stilettos is the name of your site. With a name like that you have to be able to back it up. Can you?

What do you think? Ask around or ask my girls!

Wow, like that, huh. You’re about to go to war and your commander says you can take three model friends with you. Who would you pick and why?

Dita Von Teese, so she can distract them with her beauty! Ava Garter, so she can talk shit to them! Heidi Van Horne, so she can kick some ass with me!

That definitely sounds like a deadly combination. You own Staytrue Tattoo in Nevada. Tell us how this came about and have you ever given anyone a tattoo?

My husband and I own two Staytrue Tattoos in Las Vegas – one on Reno and Arville and one in China Town. I have never given anyone a tattoo. I’ve been asked to do tattoos on people, but I talk them out of it because I draw like a 5 year-old. I guess if you want a stick figure with big boobs tattooed on you, I would be the perfect girl to do it.

You better watch what you say here. You may have a line of fans outside of Staytrue asking for that exact tattoo. We asked your gal pal Heidi Van Horne (who you have a line of Pinup Playing Cards with) this same question… how flattered are you when you see a fan sporting a Sabina Kelley tattoo on their body?

I’m totally flattered when I see a Sabina Kelley tattoo on someones body! It is such an honor. There are quite a few people with Sabina Kelley tattoos. I have been posting the pics on my website and MySpace since I’m so proud of them. I can’t wait to see one of my tattoos on a cover of a magazine!

What’s the most unusual place someone has tattooed your image on their body?

No one has really tattooed my image in an unusual place, but there has been people that have done a whole back piece, a whole sleeve, or a huge rib piece. I think it’s really cool!

You’ve been quite fortunate to have the successful career that you do. If you weren’t being the fabulous pinup sensation that you are, what would you be doing?

Oh man, that’s a hard question. I’m not too sure. I just do what I want to do and follow my dreams, and as I conquer a dream, I think up something new and strive for that.

So, what’s ahead for the beautiful Sabina Kelley? We hear talks of a tv show.

There is a lot ahead for me. I can’t give the details on everything right now, but lots of exciting new stuff. Yes, a TV show is true.

Last question, you have one sentence to convince me why I need to become an exclusive member of your site. Go!

Where else are you gonna find full sets of my images and see personal pics and hear of news before anyone else. My site kicks ass!!!