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Some Of The Laws Of Modern Man.

I came across a very interesting quote this morning that read “Take a risk.  Be spontaneous.  The suffering that might come from a mistake is usually less intense and less enduring than the suffering of asking ‘What It?'”.  It was quite striking of a quote and quite a well designed photo.  Along the bottom I noticed the URL “Laws Of Modern Man” on Tumbrl, and dug through some more of their stuff.  Both classy, and irreverent, the witty laws are all quite true on some level.  Check a few more of the laws out below.

29 Ways To Stay Creative.

As a DJ and even as an entertainer in general, you always have to find ways to stay creative.  Writers block can be hard to deal with as a writer, but a creative block when your on stage looking for the next song to mix can be fatal.  When you have 20 seconds to figure out what song in the same respective genre, with a similar BPM, matching key, and has a clever context bled… being creative is essential. The video above is essentially just a nice little list of hints, tips, and actions that tend to keep people creative, both in the short term and in the long run.  Just in case you missed anything in the video, the full list is below.

The Most Hillarious PSA In 50 Years.

So in the process of starting work on my newest project (which I CAN NOT say anything about until New Years, so please don’t ask) I came across a video during a break that I’m still laughing at right now.  Old School PSA’s are often misdirected, and full or sexual, racial, religious, and class oriented slurs, but this one from the mid 50’s was just perplexing both as to its purpose, and its target audience.  None the less, me and my boys I’ve been working with were cracking up for a solid hour with some of the “issues” tackled in this PSA video.  It might just be our sense of humor, and the vibe in the room at the moment we watched it, but check the method below, let me know what you think.