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Moet Rose x Mosley Tribes – Shades.

Mosley Tribes and Moët & Chandon recently partnered to create limited edition “Rosé” sunglasses in celebration of a private four-city celebrity hosted penthouse tour called The Rosé Lounge.  Select guests of the Rosé Lounge will receive the limited edition “Rosé” Mosley Tribes sunglasses and experience an evening with local tastemakers and media that bring the Moët Rosé nightlife experience to life.  The Raynes comes with a Mineral Glass Photochromic lens that adjusts to indoor and outdoor light conditions.  Moët & Chandon and Kelly Rowland debut the Rosé Lounge with an exclusive 200-person celebration for Kelly Rowland’s new album Here I Am in NYC on July 26 (my birthday).  The Rosé Lounge will also be traveling to Atlanta, Miami and Chicago.

Behind The Scenes With DJ Storm & Arie Rose.

I’m always trying to find new ways to improve on anything I do, as an entertainer, an engineer, a manager, or as a friend, and the blog is no different.  I’ve interviewed quite a few people from Los Angeles to London, and I figured I’d step it up a bit, and get into a video interview.  With the 250,000 views this blog gets now a days, I knew my first video interview on the blog had to be with someone who wasn’t shy in front of the camera, someone articulate, succinct, and unique.  The first person to come to mind was Miss Arie Rose, who I knew from her work on the show Street Files.

The next thing I needed was a video crew who I had the utmost confidence in, and after working with Ben Einhorn on Duckworth’s “Don’t Forget Your Mind” video, I knew I had it.  I’m familiar with graphic design, photography, and obviously music, but I’m always amazed video crews and their gear.  Ben an his crew swarmed the set, and had everything set up in record time, and were ready for action before I could figure out how to clip my mic on.

All in all I had a great time, and I have to say thanks again to the wonderful Arie Rose, my assistant Ashley F. for snapping the behind the scenes photos for this post, the staff at Sugar Cafe in San Francisco, CA for always letting me do pretty much whatever I want there, and of course Ben Einhorn and his crew for making everything look sexy.  The final interview should drop 4th of July along with photos and all sorts of information about Miss Arie Rose for readers to soak up.