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The Roland 909 DJ Gear.


Roland is to start manufacturing vinyl DJ gear with two new products: the TT-99 turntable and DJ-99 mixer.  Both products have been designed to look like the classic TR-909, with the same grey and orange livery. The reveal follows the announcement of Roland’s revival of the drum machine in compact form, the TR-09.   Apart from the TT-99 looking a lot like a classic Technics SL-1200 with a fancy paint job, there’s not much to distinguish it from other turntables on the market. However, it does have an affordable price point of $349, which puts it on a par with Pioneer DJ’s most recent offering.


Similarly, the DJ-99 is just a simple two-channel mixer, though it is reasonably priced at £249. Apart from a dedicated DVS output for digital DJs, it’s as basic as they come. A release date for both is yet to be confirmed.  The 909-themed gear isn’t the only DJ equipment launched by Roland as part of its 909 Day celebration. The company has also teamed up with Serato on the DJ-808, a combination of DJ controller and drum machine.

Kelly Rowland ft. Lil Wayne – Motivation.

Among my close friends, I’m very well known for not necessarily being a fan of slower songs.  (NOTE: What I play in the clubs doesn’t reflect what I listen to in my spare time.  So even tho I say I’m not a fan of slower R&B tracks, doesn’t reflect what I play when I’m at work.)  But all that being said, when I heard “Motivation” for the first time, it reminded me of a specific person, and from then on was a positive association thing.  So when I saw how creative, simple, and effective the video for the Kelly Rowloand’s song featuring Lil Wayne, I was even more entranced.  Check the method below.