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Trevor Noah Snaps Back.

Trevor Noah is not only a brilliant individual, but a great comedian, and a damn good television host.  But no one is above scrutiny of their remarks.  Recently Mr. Noah made some remarks regarding the backgrounds of the French football (soccer) team, that he was totally justified in conveying, but not everyone in France was too thrilled about it.  In a behind the scenes look at The Daily Show, Trevor explained his thoughts and feelings about the comments made towards him, and he “clapped back” in spectacular fashion.  I’ll let him explain his plight in the Comedy Central video below.

Ekso Bionic Suit

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Being paraplegic is a condition only those who are can understand the extent of. it Extends way beyond the body and affects all aspects of a person’s life at all times. When you are trapped in your own body, you are often forced to rely on others for the tiniest of tasks – some less pleasant to ask as a favor than others. However, the hardest deprivation mentioned by paraplegics is the inability to stand up. As a response, ekso bionics, a pioneer in the field of robotic exoskeletons has developed ‘ekso’, a wearable robot – or exoskeleton – that powers people with lower-extremity paralysis or weakness to get them standing up and walking. It is a ready-to-wear, battery-powered, bionic device that is strapped over the user’s clothing. When equipped with the assistive device, walking can be achieved by a forward lateral weight shift to initiate a step. Battery-powered motors drive the legs and replace neuro-muscular function. The first generation of ekso is intended for medically supervised use by individuals with complete or incomplete spinal cord injury (SCI) or disease, and other forms of lower extremity paralysis or weakness due to multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, parksinson’s guillain barre or other neurological disease. With medical clearance, the suit can typically facilitate walking for individuals with up to C7 complete, or any level of incomplete spinal cord injury.

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neurological disease

Gucci Mane’s Diss To Young Jeezy – Truth.

After releasing his new Young Jeezy diss track ‘Truth’ recently, Gucci Mane follows it up with some visuals. He has also brought T.I. and Slick Pulla into this, saying they can both get it. Alley Boy has also jumped in the beef, saying he is going to run Young Jeezy out of Atlanta. According to Lil Lody, a response from Jeezy featuring Lil Boosie is coming soon.

Marvin’s Room (Remix).

Its always interesting to hear a remix that contradicts the original song.  (In fact its the best kind of remix).  But recently my good friend, and talented musician Neiko DeLuv sent me a remix of Drake’s newest single “Marvin’s Room“.  The original song consists of Drizzy calling a girl’s phone and telling her to forget about her man.  The remix however, is her man’s response.  Nieko DeLuv has presented the world with quite an amazing, innovative, and interesting perspective on what happens when a guy calls a girl in a relationship.  Check the method below.

Lil Kim – Black Friday (Poppin off at Nicki Minaj)

This is probably one of the only time’s I’ll be so candid on this Blog, but wow son.  Everyone has been talking about the beef between Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim for the last few months, without being able to legitimately say that they are going at each other.  Until this point, Minaj’s verses on “Roman’s Revenge” had no name in them, so one could only speculate, just as Lil Kim’s performance in New York went without the words “Nicki Minaj” being spoken, but Kim has not broken that barrier with “Black Friday”, a Nicki Minaj diss that is clearly aimed at her rap antagonist.  Kim comes on with all guns blazing over Pharoahe Monch’s “Simon Sez” beat, and delivers some of the best lines she’s had in years, (…[I’m] more anticipated than a LeBron James ring…) and manages to talk about all of ‘Young Money’.  But, I have to be completely objective, so I must say that Kim’s track has no chorus, and she seems to ramble on at times, and you’d with there was some break in her non-stop rhyme spitting.  All in all though Lil Kim came quite hard with some ridculous, and anyone who takes female rappers seriously (which should be everyone) will be quite curious as to how this debacle will progress.  Click the pic to listen.

Click the pic to listen. (Courtesy of HHG)