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Drake ft. Lil Wayne – The Motto.

Click the pic to listen.

Drake’s sophomore album ‘Take Care’ has had quite a few leaks in the few days, one of which caught not only my attention, but the attention of one of my brothers.  In an online rant one of my best friend mentioned Drake’s shout out to the Bay Area, and his “trying to adopt the Bay” when Drizzy stated “I’m in the buildin’ and I’m feelin’ myself. Rest in peace to Mac Dre, I’mma do it for the Bay”.  Personally I don’t think a shout out or two can be chalked up to more than some girl Drake screwed asking him to shout out her home town of Oakland.  However, I’m not originally from the Bay, so I may not see just how deeply Drake’s comment may have offended some.  But weather your from the Bay Area or not, click the pic to take a listen to ‘The Motto’, and let me know what you think it and the song as a whole.

Team ISO.

Being from Jersey, I have a bad habit of being stuck in my ways, be it the way I speak, the music I’m a fan of, or the clothes I wear. But when I became familiar with a clothing company by the name of Team ISO, I knew it didn’t matter where your from or what you rep, their brand is bent to be a classic. Team ISO is a street wear clothing brand aimed at any individual who feels they are standing up in a room full of people sitting down. ISO is short for ISOlated and an acronym for I Stand Out. ISO is all about fitting in where you stand out. Let that inner individual shine, ISO’s goal is to help you feel different and ISOlated. New fashion at its future peak. Check the method below, a new batch of Team ISO clothing will be available soon at