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Eminem – Space Bound (Official Video)

Eminem has been on a roll for the last year, coming back harder and stronger than most people who had fallen into his predicament.  His most recent release is the music video for “Space Bound”.  The song is about Em letting his feelings for a woman get the best of him (again.) The video features porn-star Sasha Grey, who has been breaking out in to different acting roles as her career has progressed.  Most recently she shared the screen with the stars of the hit HBO show Entourage, and in the season finale, she was even in the same episode as Eminem… (That might have been the real reason Em punched out Vinnie Chase in hotel party.) But all in all, it’s a solid video for a heartfelt song.  Check the method below.

Eminem ft. Lil Wayne – No Love (Official Video)

Click the pic to watch the video

A few months back before the release of Eminem’s album “Recovery” I wrote a well received review about my opinion of the album. In the review, I noted that the song “No Love” from Em ft. Lil Wayne was not only (in my opinion) the best song on the album, but the best song Em has put his full energy into, in quite some time.  I haven’t met a person yet who disagreed with that statement, so when I saw the video for the track, I was crazy excited.  The scenes were filmed before Wayne went away, but it’s just as fresh as ever.  Click the pic to watch.

Recovery Bonus Material

As everyone knows, the worlds favorite white rapper is back with a bang.  Eminem’s 7th studio album Recovery is all the buzz, and not just because of the return of genius lyrical content.  The first of two new bonus tracks (that will be available via download on iTunes) was produced by none other than Dr. Dre, and is entitled ‘Ridaz’.  Click here to take a listen.  The second of the bonus tracks available with the deluxe version of Recovery, is a collaboration with Slaughterhouse titled ‘Session One’.  Click here to take a listen.  Strangely enough, Joe Buddens is NOT on the song.  Its reported right now that there were paperwork issues when the track was being put together.  It’s quite a shame that record label politics hinder us from hearing a great combination of artists.

Em on Complex Magazine

‘Recovery’ Review

First off, a few of the people reading this are close friends who know that I’m a die-hard Eminem fan.  That being said, I’m putting in 100% to being totally objective, and critiquing the album as an average listener.  So to answer the question most people are wondering, “is this album yet another decline from the former Shady the world became a fan of?”  From start to finish, no, Recovery is far better than his last two albums.  This is very much a departure from the crazy accents of ‘Relapse’ or absence of substance of ‘Encore’.  This is Em’s best album since ‘The Eminem Show’.  He even goes so far as to admit that his last 2 albums were sub-par, and explains why.  Although the first single off the album ‘Not Afraid’ was more about a message, and didn’t necessarily go too hard in the paint in terms of lyrical tenacity, the album as a whole is filled with classic Em-style punchlines.

“Rap is a landfill, [I’mma] drop the anvil, these are shoes that you can’t fill.  Sh*t the day that THAT happens, the world will stop spinnin, and Michael J. Fox will come to a stand still.” – ‘Cold Wind Blows’

Everyone who’s listened to more than 2 of Em’s albums is fully aware of the issues he discusses.  (His mother, his ex-wife, his children, being fed up with haters, so on and so forth.)  But to the relief of casual listeners and fanatics alike, he moves on to some new topics that puts a spin on the typical light Em is seen in.  Aside from his depression, he speaks about his jealousy of Lil Wayne and Kanye West’s success during the his hiatus, and even goes so far to admit that at the time if he would have started beef with Wayne, Em would have “gotten his ass handed to him.”  (His words, not mine).  He also gives props to Kanye in a different song on the album, and has a collab with Lil Wayne entitled “No Love”, which in MY personal opinion is not only lyrically the best song on the album, but lyrically the best song Em has put his energy into in a long time.

Some of the other collaborators on the album are quite new, (Pink, Rihanna) while some of the usual suspects are missing from the project (50 Cent, Dr. Dre, D12).  This new set of pairings with Marshall Mathers are different, yet familiar.  Actually hearing Pink on an Eminem track makes much more sense, than when you read about it online, or hearing someone talk about it.  Regardless of the new people he’s chosen to work with on this one, it still sounds like an Eminem track, unlike Em on the ‘Lean Back’ remix with Fat Joe.  Yet while the collabs may be strong, some of the choruses on songs he does by himself are a bit lax.  (‘On Fire’, ‘So Bad’).  They just make you miss the days when Slim Shady used to rap on a hook, instead of singing them all.  But I don’t believe his singing is to blame, on some songs the punchlines are so intense, and the flow is the classic Shady that all the fans love, that the choruses are dwarfed by the verses.

In terms of Em going the overly commercial road like many said he did on ‘The Re Up’, there are very few songs that have that feel, but songs like ‘W.T.P.’ have beats that are perfect for the club, but contain content from Shady like “Man, first of all I’m a boss, I just want to get that across… Man even my dentist hates when I floss.” Obviously this may not be the Eminem fans were waiting to return, but for the premise of the song it works as well as it can.  And in other songs like ‘Seduction’, he returns to the story telling style of rap that he adopted in his first 2 albums.  The song ‘Seduction’ also has the feel of the ‘Superman’ track from ‘The Eminem Show’.

The beats on ‘Recovery’ were also outsourced to a couple of new producers including Just Blaze, and DJ Khalil, and provide the project with a refreshingly new sound, but still not too far of a departure from the familiar Eminem tracks fans love.  Some of he beats (like the songs ‘No Love’ ft. Lil Wayne, and ‘Changes’) were sampled from old classic songs, and compliment the content of the track very well.  And ‘No Love’ suits both Em and Wayne’s styles of rap very well.  Although some songs are regrettably a bit similar to each other (’25 to Life’ and ‘Love The Way You Lie’ ft. Rihanna) one other noticeable difference is the absence of the classic skits that littered every other album, which to me personally isn’t a bad thing.

So, all things considered about Em’s 7th studio release, it’s a refreshing return to the Eminem fans grew to love.  Crazy lyrics, and insane punchlines remind people why they liked any white rapper in the first place.  The mood of the album is a bit somber, but it does come with many a high point for any listener to enjoy.  So even tho there is a flaw or two, don’t expect to hear another ‘Encore’.  In the track ‘Talkin 2 Myself’ Em apologizes to his fans for letting them down over the last few releases… Apology accepted.

Eminem’s Recovery.

Check out the cover art for Eminem’s new album ‘Recovery’



The boost the buzz of Eminem’s upcoming album ‘Recovery’ (dropping June 22nd), ‘The Great White Hope’ of hip hop dropped a new freestyle this week entitled Despicable.  The heavy hitting flow and rediculous wordplay starts off with Drake’s ‘Over’, and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Em we’ve all been waiting for, is back.  Click the pic to download.

Click to hear Despicable

Eminem Says: No More Relapse 2

Here’s the explanation from Em himself:
“I had originally planned for Relapse 2 to come out last year. But as I kept recording and working with new producers, the idea of a sequel to Relapse started to make less and less sense to me, and I wanted to make a completely new album. The music on Recovery came out very different from Relapse, and I think it deserves its own title.”

The scheduled date for “Recovery” is June 22nd.