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We Are Venom.

Sony Pictures has released the official teaser trailer for Venom, and it really is a true teaser as we don’t actually get to see the titular antihero in all his glory. Instead, we’re greeted with a variety of action beats featuring Academy Award-nominated star Tom Hardy battling the demon from within.  The footage also provides us with our first official looks at 4x Academy Award-nominee Michelle Williams, Primetime Emmy-winner Riz Ahmed, and several others, but we still don’t have an real idea as to who they’re playing.

Best Of Health Wishes To Rick Ross.

Rick Ross’ private jet made an emergency landing in Birmingham, Alabama, 2 hours ago, en route to his concert in Memphis, (TMZ found out).

It’s the second time today where a plane in which Rick was a passenger made an emergency landing.  TMZ broke the story … Rick Ross suffered a seizure this morning on a Delta flight that returned to the Ft. Lauderdale airport.

Rick Ross went to the hospital, was released, and then took off at 5:07 PM ET from Ft. Lauderdale to make his concert tonight in Memphis. But at 5:44 PM CDT, the plane was diverted and landed in Birmingham after he had a seizure on board.

Ross is currently in a Birmingham hospital emergency room. They do not know his condition.

Interestingly enough, when asked if he had any words for Rick Ross, 50 Cent tweeted: ‘Yea he gotta take care his self RT @adamjohnston99: @50cent Any words for Rick Ross?;

5:05 PM PST: MyFoxMemphis just tweeted, rapper Yo Gotti will replace Rick Ross at Memphis Madness tonight.

4:57 PM PST: We’ve just confirmed with the hospital that Rick is in STABLE condition.

Lil Wayne Discusses ‘Green And Yellow’ On ESPN.

Click the pic to hear the song.

My good friend and investment consultant “The Distinguished Mr. Reyes”, put me onto the Lil Wayne’s already notorious “Green And Yellow” freestyle the other day on the way to the club.  For those of you who haven’t heard the song, click the pic above to listen, but essentially it’s a rally cry for the Green Bay Packers to win the Superbowl this coming Sunday.  He was recently called onto ESPN to discuss the track and its reaction.  My appologies for the shotty video quality, I always try to keep a certain standard on the blog, but this is the only video I could find anywhere on the internet.  The interview is pretty in depth, but there’s a point midway through when one of the hosts kind of blatently disses Wiz (the originator of the ‘Black and Yellow track) that had me floored.  Check the method below to hear what Weezy had to say.