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Mean Tweets: Hip Hop Edition.

Music fans can be very vocal with their opinions on Twitter, which is why from time to time we like to give those who are the targets of the haters a chance to respond. Tonight, we’ve done it again in an all-new, all hip-hop edition of #MeanTweets featuring 50 Cent, A$AP Rocky, Eve, Pusha-T, Big Sean, Remy Ma, Rae Sremmurd, Anderson .Paak, DJ Khaled, Trippie Redd, Tyler The Creator, Awkwafina, Logic, Lil Yachty, Wale, Ty Dolla $ign, Yo Gotti, Lil Wayne & T-Pain.


Justin Timberlake Ft. J. Cole, ASAP Rocky And Pusha T – TKO (Remix)


Justin Timberlake enlists J. Cole, ASAP Rocky and Pusha T for an official remix of his record “TKO”. Produced by Timbaland.

Pusha T Ft. Chris Brown – Sweet Serenade


Pusha T gathers a few sexy women for his dark music video “Sweet Serenade,” which sees the Virginia emcee aggressively rapping about the life that he made while celebrating his success. In the Colin Tilley-directed steamy visual, Pusha chills on a beach chair surrounded by bikini-clad, alluring women; one making the booty clap on a stripper pole. Brown lends his support by crooning the smooth chorus.

“‘Sweet Serenade,’ it doesn’t sound really sweet, it’s pretty dark, so to capture that, we came and shot on the beach at nighttime. It gives it that eery feel, but still soothing,” states Pusha.

Asher Roth – Numbers

Asher-Roth-2-570Something new from Asher Roth “Numbers”. A freestyle over Pusha T’s “Numbers On The Boards” instrumental.

MGK – La La La (The Floating Song)


After putting in the hard work, Machine Gun Kelly enjoys his success in the video for “La La La (The Floating Song),” a bonus cut off his debut Lace Up. The “Wild Boy” rides an ATV, smokes on the beach, and parties on a yacht with his EST crew in the laid-back visuals, which were shot during his holiday vacation in Saint Martin. Security tried to stop him from filming, but he wasn’t about to put down the camera. Next up, MGK will release his new single “Peso” featuring Meek Mills and Pusha T, followed by his mixtape in February.

P.A.P.I. feat. French Montana, Pusha T and 2 Chainz – Tadow


N.O.R.E., who changed his name to P.A.P.I., drops off his new single ‘Tadow’ featuring French Montana, Pusha T and 2 Chainz. Produced by Illa Da Producer. This is off his upcoming LP “Student Of The Game” coming soon.

Fabolous feat. Pusha T – Life Is So Exciting


Fabolous drops the video for “Life Is So Exciting,” a track of his The S.O.U.L Tape 2.. Fab dropped the mixtape sequel back in November.

“Life Is So Exciting” also features G.O.O.D. Music rapper Pusha-T. “It’s beach weather over here, n*gga, sky’s clear, n*gga/ That’s flip flops, that’s Americana, that’s Hilfiger,” raps Pusha on the track. Fittingly, Fabolous and Pusha-T hit the beach weather for the video. The Jon J.-directed clip was shot during Art Basel in Miami earlier this month, where VIBE also had the chance to catch up with Fab during his busy schedule.

2 Chainz Vs. Pusha T In Madden 13

Looks like a G.O.O.D. match up. (sorry I couldn’t help myself). 2 Chainz and Pusha T let the fingers do the talking as they square off in a game of Madden ’13 as they play the EA Sports video game that just was recently released. Check the method.

Pusha T’s Funkmaster Flex Freestyle.

On Wednesday, the temperature in New York City touched the 90-degree mark on the same day Pusha T trekked up to Hot 97 to dish out heat of a different kind when he announced G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer album will be released August 7.  That wasn’t all the Virginia lyricist spoke about, however: While the rap world has been buzzing for weeks about a Pusha/Lil Wayne rap battle, the Clipse spitter opened up for the first time on the subject with DJ Funk Master Flex. While Lil Wayne and an army of bloodthirsty rap fans speculated Pusha’s “Exodus 23:1″contained veiled disses for Weezy and Drake, the “My God” MC challenged Flex to point out the offending references. “I’ve never seen one record that didn’t say a name cause so much of a firestorm,” he argued.  Aside from airing out the beef, Pusha sat down with Flex and delivered quite the spirited freestyle for the fans.

Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T, & 2 Chainz – Mercy (Official Video).

After teasing the video’s release for quite some time, Kanye West dropped the visuals for “Mercy,” featuring 2 Chainz, Big Sean & Pusha-T.  The black and white paired-down video features the rappers dancing and rapping in a monochromatic parking garage, which makes sense, given that the song is named after the Lamborghini Murcielago (swerve). Say what you will about Kanye’s new songs (which have been criticized for lacking the emotion of his previous work), “Way Too Cold” and “Mercy” are unlike anything on his last solo effort, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Kanye’s hungry, and he’s not going to do the same thing twice.

Lil Wayne ft. Big Sean – My Homies Still.

Lil Wayne has given a taste of his upcoming album by debuting its first single “My Homies Still”, featuring Big Sean. The bouncy track uses the “Go Stupid” hook from the G.O.O.D. Music rapper’s hit “Dance (A$$)” and is produced by STREETRUNNER and Saron from Spliffington Management.

Hours before he dropped the song, the Young Money rapper unleashed an artwork for the track. The image simply features the song’s title written in red letters with a plain black background. The single itself is expected to be listed in Weezy’s upcoming album which is tentatively titled “I Am Not a Human Being Pt. 2”.

Interestingly, Weezy has been involved in a feud with Sean’s fellow G.O.O.D. Music member Pusha T. Pusha T started the beef by releasing “Exodus 23:1” in which he rapped about Weezy’s artist Drake. Responding to it, Weezy later released “Goulish” which took a jab at the one half of the hip hop duo Clipse.

Speaking of a potential conflict that may arise with the inclusion of Sean in Weezy’s single, Young Money president Mack Maine tells MTV News, “That was a great song that was made before that situation happened.” He adds, “I’m not ’bout to go into the studio and tell Wayne to take [Big Sean] off. Wayne not tryna take him off – he’s good peeps, he’s fam.”

Pusha T. – Exodus 23:1.

Beef between rappers often looked upon as cliche’ or a bad publicity stunt.  But when there’s an even keel between the artists on both sides, things for hardcore fans can become a bit exciting.  Lord knows what really started the now simmering beef between Pusha T. and Lil Wayne, but Pusha seems to be taking it quite seriously with his new video for Exodus 23:1.  In the video which many people speculate is a shot at Dwayne Carter, there’s an abundance of drug use, (most likely in reference to some of Weezy’s recreational habits), and there is even a Lil Wayne semi-look-alike in parts of the video.  Check the method below.

As I posted up the other day, this little war of words isn’t one sided.  Weezy dropped the track ‘Goulish’, possibly in response to Exodus 23:1, definitely directed at Pusha T.  Click the media player below to listen.

Lil Wayne vs. Pusha T.

Drake: “Are you sure you wanna diss him?”

In my community, the barber shop is normally a place where men go, and engage in conversation about whatever, and over at my boy Q’s place, discussions about the rap game are as common as hair on the floor.  Lil Wayne and Pusha T are both miraculous lyricists, but its a well known fact that Lil Wayne doesn’t normally engage in beef.  Today however, I got an earfull of Weezy taking a wide open shot at Pusha in a new freestyle above.  Below is another new release from Lil Tunchi incase you’re not interested in the beef.

Pusha T – Sweet Freestyle (Official Video).

Pusha T has been hailed as a beast in the rap game by many.  After a conversation a few months ago with my barber Quincy about Pusha T vs. Fabolous, I started to recount all the different verses from both emcees, and couldn’t come to clear decision.  But after the Sweet freestyle Pusha put out, I think my scales tip a tad bit in the favor of “Mr. T”.  Thankfully the G.O.O.D. Music team too the time to release a video for the freestyle.  Check the method below.

Pusha T – What Dreams Are Made Of (Official Video).

Virginia native MC and G.O.O.D. music representative Pusha T, drops off some new visuals for “What Dreams Are Made Of”. Directed by Jason Goldwatch “What Dreams Are Made Of” is very cinematic, like an introduction clip to a movie about cocaine; this shit is ill. The black and white video shows Pusha’s lyrics coming to life, as they are all made out of that pure white.

The clip matches perfectly with the context and lyrics of the track, I’m gonna watch this shit a hundred times tonight. “What Dreams Are Made Of” is off of Pusha’s debut solo album Fear Of God II, which is in stores now. Check out the video after the jump and let us know what you think.

Pusha T – Tony Montana (Freestyle).

Its somewhat of an undeniable fact in the circles of true Hip Hop fans, that Pusha T is a monster lyricist.  Its also somewhat of an indelible truth that Tony Montana was one of the greatest drug lords that never lived.  To say I was interested when Pusha jumped on the Tony Montana beat for a freestyle is an understatement, but when I saw the video I was juiced.  (And I hope people understand the metaphoric relation between the white woman in the video, and cocaine.)

Pusha T Speaks His Mind On 107.5.

Pusha T jumped on the radio earlier this week to discuss his thoughts on the 2011 BET Cypher, his new album with Good Music, and Drizzy Drake.  Check the method below.

Riesling and Rolling Papers.

The other day, my barber Quincy randomly posed the question to me… “Who do you think is better, Pusha T, or Fab?”  (Meaning Fabolous).  My immediate response was “Why would you ask me such things?”, but that was simply a way of dodging having to actually answer the question.  A majority of the people in the room agreed that Pusha T was an incredible rap artist (which is very true any which way you spin it.)  but the whole conversation get me seriously over-analyzing the issue.  For fear of an epic, world-ending, Xerxes size army of angry emails, I still can’t say publicly who my personally opinion favors, however, the new video ‘Riesling and Rolling Papers’ from Fabolous has made a big difference on my answer to Q’s question.

Pusha T ft. Tyler The Creator – Touble On My Mind (Live Footage & Official Video).

Considering Eminem & Nicki Minaj or Michael Jackson & Kanye West, hip hop has seen its share of random, yet extraordinary collaborations.  Pusha T and Tyler the Creator is no different.  The track “Trouble On My Mind” is a doozie that’s been taking the web by storm since its release.  However, without the rapper’s knowing, Pusha T’s track, “Trouble On My Mind,” featuring Tyler, the Creator, hit the ‘net. Red Bull exclusively premiered the track on July 8th, but it seems as if Pusha T wasn’t made aware it was to debut.  Pusha tweeted…

Oh really??? People dropping music without letting me know??? U think that right?? U think I’m happy bat that??… U thirst buckets just couldn’t wait till Monday huh???????? U could run a wet dream. [sic]

Never the less, check the video above for the first live performance, and the video below for the official video.

Pusha T – Feelin Myself (Behind The Scenes).

Pusha T – Alone In Vegas (Official Video).

Pusha T’s previous two Fear of God videos — “Open Your Eyes” and “Blow” — were heavy on the metaphorical imagery that aimed to provide more insight into the rapper’s wordplay and overall lyrically content. But for “Alone in Vegas,” the direction team of Orson Whales, Shahan Jafri and Alex Germanotta, has turned the track into the soundtrack for a mini-film. It depicts Pusha as a lone crime boss, who not only calls all of the shots but carries them out, too. The vibe is somewhat reminiscent of “Nightmares,” the closing track on Clipse’s Hell Hath No Fury that featured Pusha and Malice at their most paranoid, dark, and isolated.  Pusha’s Fear of God 2: Let Us Pray drops June 21.

Pusha T and Bangladesh Studio Session.

Producer Bangladesh may be most noted for his work with Lil Wayne, but this self proclaimed “super producer” has moved past his work on ‘A Millie” and “6 Foot 7” to work with Pusha T.  The untitled project still seems to be in its vaguest stages, but take a look at the short docu-video to get some hints on Pusha T’s next project produced by Bangladesh himself.

Pusha T vs. Consequence: Biting Lyrics.

So lets begin from the start.  Pusha T dropped a song called ‘My God‘ a little while back (click the link to hear it) and long story short, Consequence took it to Twitter to accuse the Clipse member of biting one of his unreleased songs, ‘The Last Supper.’ Here is what he has to say.

Pusha’s response was as follows…

“He said that I stole his lines? Wow. Nah, I haven’t really heard much about it. Everyone who’s been hitting me up has been telling me how crazy this song is. I don’t know. I mean, I haven’t taken anything from Consequence, or anybody else, for that matter. Just for the record. I’ve been in the studio with Cons, and we’ve talked, and numerous days we’ve laughed, and…I don’t know. I missed that one. The way I’ve got to look at it now: I don’t even know if that’s for me. I can’t even believe anything like that’s for me, very honestly. I mean, until, you know, he told me something like that. I don’t know what everybody else has got going on, but ‘My God’ is an awesome record. [Laughs.]”

A few days later, Consequence caught up with Karma Loop TV to deliver a message to listeners about the entire ordeal.  What he basically says is that Pusha has a track on his computer that was unfinished, and Consequence has the remainder of that track, and will release it to prove that his lyrics (and Intellectual Property) were stolen.  Check the interview below.

Kayne West – So Appauled.

Click here to listen.

Recently, as many people probably already know, Kanye is releasing a track every friday.  This week on “G.O.O.D. Friday” he put out a song with RZA, Jay-Z, Swizz Beats, Pusha T, and Cypha The Prynce titled “So Appauled”.  Coincidentally, Kanye isn’t the only one who’s appalled.  Jay-Z  mentions MC Hammer in his rhymes: ‘Hammer went broke so you know I’m more focused/I lost 30 mil so I spent another 30/ ‘Cause unlike Hammer 30 million can’t hurt me.’  This morning, an angry MC Hammer reacted to the lines on Twitter, read below:

‘these dudes here reppin’ #HellBoy but can’t buy they kids school clothes .. Talking bout #HellBoy Rich ,How does that help you ?’

‘Laughing at these grown men coming on my timeline with they #pompoms waving for #HellBoy (Jigga) ..’

‘Stop talking about money when you know you can’t put 50 thousand dollars together at a Family Reunion.. #Demons’

‘These lil demons and Imps stopping by timeline today.. Yes,I dissesd yo #Daddy .. The dude who made the #Lucifer song….smh’

Dearly Beloved

Check the new freestyle by Pusha T of the ‘Clipse’ entitled “Dearly Beloved” dedicated to the Jamaican drug runner “Dudus”.  Click the pic to listen, (Courtesy of hip-hop-game.)

Click the pic to listen.