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‘Creative Sweatshop’ And Body Casting.

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Le Creative Sweatshop is committed to originality and quality, hand-crafted work constitutes the identity of Le Creative Sweatshop.  Most pieces are handmade which gives them a humble, precious and fragile stature.  Dynamic, supple and reactive agency, Le Creative Sweatshop enjoys interacting with its network of partners.  Le Creative Sweatshop is responsible for all the body-casting projects in the post.  Super dope.

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100 Colors Exhibition – Japan

Picture 9

With our fascination with both minimalism and color, we’ve kept an eye on Emmanuelle Moureaux, the French-born and Tokyo-based architect famous for her use of candy-hued colors in many of her projects. For many years, Moreaux has explored the use of color and the use of the traditional Japanese paper screens as dividers. Many of her projects in retail, hospitality and public spaces express some combination of the two, using colorful screens as dividers and using color as a space maker.

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The Fantastical Worlds of Tim Burton at the LA County Museum of Art

timburton13 timburton14 timburton02 timburton15 timburton16

The Nightmare Before Christmas has arrived in Los Angeles’ County Museum of Art…well not exactly, but the museum did a retrospective of the career and works of the film director Tim Burton. The exhibition features over 700 pieces of art associate with Burton’s movies including puppets, storyboards, costumes, photographs, and more from both popular and little known projects from the director.

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RISD at the ICFF.

Students at the Rhode Island School of Design will show off their work at this year’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York, which convenes this Friday and runs through Tuesday. The exhibition, titled Immaterialize, stemmed from a a semester-long course in 2008, which tasked students to create furniture from non-traditional materials. Here’s a peek at the nine projects.