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Super Mario / Zelda / Metroid

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Check out the artwork created by Chogrin Muñoz. He had an art show called the 3NES Show at Bottleneck Gallery, a tribute to Super Mario, Zelda, and Metroid. He decided to form his artwork as a tryptich, and some sketches and pictures of the process.

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Some Surreal 360 Degree Panoramas.

Photographer Randy Scott Slavin creates spherical panoramic photographs of various cityscapes and landscapes. He makes the surreal images by shooting hundreds of photographs of a scene and then stitching them together into a stereographic projection. He calls the work Alternate Perspectives. Slavin writes,

The photographing of the images is the actually least time consuming part of the process. What takes the longest is finding the places that are worthy of shooting and getting to the spot that’s best to shoot them from. You can’t light landscapes so it’s important to figure out what the best time of day is to take a photograph. Sometimes this means long hours of waiting and watching.

The Paper People.

Celebrity and historical figures find a second life in these paper miniatures by ‘People Too’, the collaborative efforts of Russian designers Alexei Lyapunov and Lena Ehrlich.  Using a range of knives, scissors, tweezers, and other tools on wire and a combination of construction and specialty papers, the team creates not only miniature furniture and figures but also entire sets for the pieces.  Their ‘star’ series represents famous musicians, from Michael Jackson to Queen to Elton John.  Check it out.