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Katarina Janeckova. A Bodybuilder, Bears, and Beautiful Paintings.

The paintings of Slovakian artist Katarina Janeckova are soused in sex. Three lovers romp around in bed; a brunette poses for naked photos in a swimming pool; a woman spanks her partner with a hairbrush. But there is one thing lacking from her provocative tableaus—men. Instead, the women couple up with brown or black bears, rendered in woozy watercolor or acrylic brushstrokes. “For me, the bear is a perfect substitute for a man,” Janeckova explains. “I paint those bears as simple, strange dark figures, because it allows you to fantasize.” It also allows the women to become the central figures in her works, and for Janeckova to present them as strong and sexually empowered. “It’s a stereotype that pretty women are usually submissive, so I like to play around that,” Katarina says. “Sometimes it’s less visible and more in my head, sometimes it’s obvious or exaggerated.” It’s most apparent in some of her recent works, which portray the massive muscles of female bodybuilders. Katarina honors their forms by depicting them on the side of a Grecian urn, or even turning a container of Muscle Milk into a flower vase. “My ideal of female beauty changed,” Katarina discusses in the following interview, along with sex, symbols and her current exhibition, How to Make a Bear Fall in Love, which is currently on view at Studio d’Arte Raffaelli in Trento, Italy.

Valle And His Heads.

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The visual artist Valentin Leonida, better known as Valle has an incredibly unique illustration style.  The Canadian illustrator utilizes simplistic strokes and lining to create incredibly complex, and detailed pieces, that stand away from the generic subjects that others may draw.  You can get prints of his work from his online shop by clicking right here.

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Valle’s art style is reminiscent of the line work on American money.  Below are some alternate looks at his most prominent pieces.  And once again, you can get prints of his work from his online shop by clicking right here. Check the method.

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Magnum Gold
“Since the world is obsessed with everything that’s golden, I decided to make a fun 3D series that takes the popular “gold” naming for a spin and tries to depict these products literally or how they would look like, if they were truly made out of gold.
These were printed in 70 x 100 cm sizes, framed and exhibited at a club gallery Plac 33/45 in Ljubljana. The invitation was also made as a render of a product, you can guess which one if you scroll through the end :)” Črtomir Just
Marlboro Gold
Jacobs Gold
Haribo Goldbär
Kodak Gold

The Word Of The Bible via Graphic Design.

Bible_Verses_Jim_Lepage_20 Bible_Verses_Jim_Lepage_19 Bible_Verses_Jim_Lepage_18 Bible_Verses_Jim_Lepage_16 Bible_Verses_Jim_Lepage_15 Bible_Verses_Jim_Lepage_14 Bible_Verses_Jim_Lepage_13 Bible_Verses_Jim_Lepage_12 Bible_Verses_Jim_Lepage_11
Jim Lepage had been reading his bible on and off for most of his life… the problem was, he didn’t always want to read it. Looking for motivation to encourage his spiritual practice, he decided to combine something he loved, design, with the challenge of reading the text more often. He set down a goal to create one image a week based on what he found entertaining and meaningful in each of the bibles many books… and so far he’s kept the creativity flowing. For anyone familiar with the ancient stories, his simple images go a long way to summarize the general story of each book.
Bible_Verses_Jim_Lepage_10 Bible_Verses_Jim_Lepage_9 Bible_Verses_Jim_Lepage_8 Bible_Verses_Jim_Lepage_7 Bible_Verses_Jim_Lepage_6 Bible_Verses_Jim_Lepage_5 Bible_Verses_Jim_Lepage_4 Bible_Verses_Jim_Lepage_3 Bible_Verses_Jim_Lepage_2 Bible_Verses_Jim_Lepage_1


zeus-3d-copy-machine-designboom05 zeus-3d-copy-machine-designboom03 zeus-3d-copy-machine-designboom01

Engineers at AIO robotics have developed a solution that will now allow users to 3D scan, 3D print, 3D copy, and 3D fax objects from one device. Entitled ‘ZEUS’, the all-in-one electronic device is constructed out of aluminum, powder-coated in a moonstone white, with black anodized side panels. the inclusion of a 7-inch touchscreen gives the machine a welcoming ‘consumer ready’ look. Instead of usin plastic or wood, all linear components are also built using CNC-machined aluminum, including the XYZ-carrier, turntable and external shell. The structure of the 3D copy machine dramatically increases the quality of the prints, preventing deformation and heat soaking. ZEUS is capable of outputting a layer resolution of 100 microns (200 & 300 options available for faster prints) and can print in volumes up to 26cm x 18cm x 15cm in PLA.


Printastic Fashion.

Check out some print heavy styles by Tom Hines in the Dossier Journal.

The Miscellaneous Artworks Of David Fuhrer.

David is a self taught freelance artist born 1985, in the capital of Switzerland, Bern. Grown up in the 90’s has influenced David’s work. He started experimenting with Visuals in the early days of the Computer.  With a focus on illustration, and an even tighter focus on intricate detailing David Fuhrer’s high scale Artworks are some of the most inspiring and exciting work to flourish from the community. His imagination in unity with his broad library of skills has allowed him to create some of the most out-of-this-world images.  Fuhrers work is a rare treat for the eyes and mind as the depth of his work is as mesmerizing as the feel that his pieces exude.

Letterpress Dice Prints.

These letterpress dice prints by Stukenborg are stunning.  The planning required to organize pieces like these by hand must be immense (and time consuming).  They always say the devil is in the details, and that makes these dice prints quite a work of art.