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Check Out Black Panther’s Amazing New Theatrical Posters.

Last month, Marvel debuted an exciting second trailer for Ryan Coogler’s upcoming Black Panther movie, and now the cast has followed that up by sharing some ferocious individual posters featuring their characters.  Black Panther is set to claw its way into theaters on February 9, 2018.

The New ‘Suicide Squad’ Character Posters Are To Die For.


WB has just released a batch of new Suicide Squad character portraits to promote the film. It seems the marketing campaign really wants to reinforce the tattoo motif. Will “skin-ink” actually factor into the plot of David Ayer’s story? And what of Common’s mysterious villain?  We’re roughly two months away from the release of the film yet (thankfully) we still don’t know a whole lot about what Deadshot (Will Smith) and co. will be facing other than a crazed Joker (Jared Leto).


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Want To Know Some Of The Most Painful Parts Of Everyday Life?


There isn’t a day that goes by when you notice certain things. Life’s truths are all around us. The following aren’t necessarily facts… however, they damn sure are true. Check the method.

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Famous Quotes, Dope Posters.


Toronto-based web and graphic designer Ryan McArthur gave inspiring quotes by some of the most brilliant minds of our time a second life with his minimalistic poster designs. Humorous, inspiring and strikingly insightful, these quotes take some twisted turns into our minds with McArthur’s playful illustrations.

poster-design-famous-quotes-ryan-mcarthur-19__605 poster-design-famous-quotes-ryan-mcarthur-16__605 poster-design-famous-quotes-ryan-mcarthur-15__605 poster-design-famous-quotes-ryan-mcarthur-14__605 poster-design-famous-quotes-ryan-mcarthur-12__605 poster-design-famous-quotes-ryan-mcarthur-9__605 poster-design-famous-quotes-ryan-mcarthur-7__605 poster-design-famous-quotes-ryan-mcarthur-6__605 poster-design-famous-quotes-ryan-mcarthur-5__605 poster-design-famous-quotes-ryan-mcarthur-8__605 poster-design-famous-quotes-ryan-mcarthur-2__605 poster-design-famous-quotes-ryan-mcarthur-3__605 poster-design-famous-quotes-ryan-mcarthur-1__605 poster-design-famous-quotes-ryan-mcarthur-11__605 poster-design-famous-quotes-ryan-mcarthur-17__605 poster-design-famous-quotes-ryan-mcarthur-13__605 poster-design-famous-quotes-ryan-mcarthur-4__605


The WTF? Art Collection.

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Minga, the Argentinian “laboratory of ideas”, has released a quite interesting series of posters simply titled “WTF”.   Minga is a design and creativity company based in Buenos Aries, bringing together a multidiciplinary team under the premise of offering inventive efficient and immediate solutions.  All that being said, their WTF collection also proves they have quite the sense of humor.  Check the method.

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Classic Disney Films Starring Samuel L. Jackson And Directed By Quentin Tarantino


In 2011, Samuel L. Jackson was named the highest gross actor of all time. While we were a bit taken back at first, when you really think about, he’s been in so many films that it was bound to happen. Now we get to see what the world of Disney would be like if Samuel Jackson played the main character in some of our favorite films. This hilarious movie poster series was written by Alex J. Mann and designed by Jennifer Sanders.

Samuel-L-Jackson-Stars-In-Quentin-Tarantino-Directed-Classic-Disney-Films-2 Samuel-L-Jackson-Stars-In-Quentin-Tarantino-Directed-Classic-Disney-Films-3 Samuel-L-Jackson-Stars-In-Quentin-Tarantino-Directed-Classic-Disney-Films-4 Samuel-L-Jackson-Stars-In-Quentin-Tarantino-Directed-Classic-Disney-Films-5 Samuel-L-Jackson-Stars-In-Quentin-Tarantino-Directed-Classic-Disney-Films-6

Stunning Optical Illusions With Makeup


A new project from photographer Alexander Khokhlov is prompting double takes and pushing portraiture in a new direction. The Moscow-based artist’s latest series, dubbed “2D or not 2D,” uses heavy makeup and post-production techniques to transform human faces into seemingly two-dimensional images. “We tried to make ‘alive posters,’” said Alexander Khokhlov. “It’s challenging to make people look like a poster while at the same time not very digitized.” He was working with makeup artist Valeriya Kutsan, and his wife, Veronica, whom he also describes as his muse.

41649b98-7284-4704-b4d7-ab6b8cfdc68c_Alexander-Khokhlov-1 a6835ec4-0573-4cf2-9daa-0b68e3143f7b_Alexander-Khokhlov-2 3035285b-6c12-4acb-b8ad-1243e2fbd2ba_Alexander-Khokhlov-4 9fb56e24-d2c2-48ed-841c-d2cc12a8510e_Alexander-Khokhlov-5 0d25d132-b037-49b5-9490-cb73ed35303a_Alexander-Khkhlov-6

Kate Stone: DJ decks Made of Paper


“I love paper, and I love technology,” says physicist and former sheep herder Kate Stone, who’s spent the past decade working to unite the two. Her experiments combine regular paper with conductive inks and tiny circuit boards to offer a unique, magical experience. To date, applications include a newspaper embedded with audio and video, posters that display energy usage in real time, and the extremely nifty paper drumkit and set of DJ decks she demonstrates onstage. At Novalia, Kate Stone and her team use ordinary printing presses to manufacture interactive electronics, which combine touch-sensitive ink technology and printed circuits into unique and cost-effective products.

Superhero Noir.

1167ed8fa64570f2fbdaa83a77c71f1a 62064a73ddfdd17cf5fbb7f96e92b634 aa7fb5b2bd0a9a7953eb47a17cee1a5a b8523c973737e877b673abbabb29bbedNoir style work has always been visually fascinating.  There’s something to be said about creating an art piece that says so much by saying so little.  This poster collection byMarko Manev demonstration that even in  Noir style you know exactly who your favorite hero is without having to be draped in all they’re usual colors.

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They Keep You Alive

Picture 17

Nike Air Max posters by London-based graphic designer Anton Burmistrov.

Picture 19 Picture 12 Picture 13 Picture 16 Picture 14 Picture 18 Picture 15

Pictogram Music Posters

These Pictogram music posters were designed by an artist known as Viktor Hertz.  He decided to make some posters depicting songs, which left him a lot of new unexplored ground. He is a freelance graphic designer and artist from Uppsala, Sweden. He likes to focus on simple illustrations and make logos, posters, and icons.

Movie Themed Posters Re-Invented (Again).

Minimal posters are very trendy, and Alejandro de Antonio has produced an excellent set of minimal movie posters in this vein. He has an uncanny ability to capture the essence of a popular movie and represent it via a simplistic, but elegant illustration.  His designs showcase how strong the brand is behind the movies, as we instantly connect with the represented protagonists.

Think Invisible.

Think Invisible is an awesome project created by Adri Bodor & Mark Szulyovszky and is made at Colabs… How can you see anything that isn’t there actually? It is the core question of Think Invisible. Circles give deficient contour of the pictures – that’s the simple method how we make hundred-times-seen pictures interesting again. It is not the magic that lets you recognize the whole design, but your mind. This tricky illusion of the contours intentionally shows important details, and hides all the rest. Since what matters is invisible. Take a careful look on the pictures below and let’s see how many of them you can recognize.

Check Your 808.

“This series of four posters, dubbed “Program Your 808” is coming from Birmingham-based graphic designer, Rob Ricketts. The posters don’t just look pretty they’re actually functional. Ricketts’ idea was to detail how some of the most notable drum sequences (Afrika Bambaataa’s “Planet Rock,” Cybotron’s “Clear,” A Guy Called Gerald’s “Voodoo Ray” and “No Way Back” by Adonis) were programmed using the Roland TR-808 Drum Machine. Each sequence has been analyzed and represented as to allow you, the user, to re-program each sequence, key for key. Pretty dope.”




Max Temkin’s Philosophy Posters.

Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. Philosophy is distinguished from other ways of addressing such problems by its critical, generally systematic approach and its reliance on rational argument. The word “philosophy” comes from the Greek φιλοσοφία (philosophia), which literally means “love of wisdom”.  In this case, Max Temkin, the artist, wanted to create  posters with quotes that motivated people to think ‘different’.  Check the method.

Typography Jokes.

Gary Nicholson cooked up a design a series of posters with typographically focused puns to lift the spirits of fellow designers.  Check the method.

12 New Avengers Posters Assemble.

With the brand new TV Spots out online on for the upcoming Avengers flick, I started looking around for any new info, and came across a series of posters courtesy of Toys R Us.  The 12 designs dropped yesterday, but I’m sure will be around for quite some time. Check the method.

8-Bit Movie Posters.

No matter how far technology comes, there will always be a certain respect for the old school.  One of the first things people of my generation remember from the digital world are 8-Bit images.  That being said, getting a look at certain CGI heavy movies from an 8-bit perspective is quite an interesting thing.  Check the method below.

The Random Sketchings Of Wesley Burt.

While writing this blog, there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing amazing artwork, and not finding out all the information about the person who created it.  These awesome sketch pieces come from Wesley Burt.  His work is incredibly detailed, and wildly imaginative, but all I was about to gather is that he’s based out of my current city of San Francisco.  Check the method.

Art Deco Super Hero Posters.

Superheroes have always been pretty damn cool. But in the 90s, thanks mainly to Joel Schumacher, they started to descend into embarrassment.  Cut to 2012 and things are rather different. With a range of acclaimed, non-garish outings, superheroes are officially “in” again… Thanks mainly to Christopher Noland.  Proof of this fact can be found right in front of your eyes. This selection of posters gives a classy art deco spin to some iconic justice-seekers. They’ve all been created by the very talented Grégoire Guillemin.

Liam Brazier’s Superhero Collection.

Earlier this year, the angular and colorful illustrations of Star Wars characters by UK-based illustrator and animator Liam Brazier drew everyone’s attention. In addition to the Start Wars characters that in their clunkiness lend themselves to geometric treatments, Brazier has also attacked several popular super heroes with his style of illustration.  What makes Brazier’s work even more interesting is that the illustrations are not created in Illustrator using vectors. Instead, he draws each shape with Photoshop’s polygonal selection tool and then fills them in with color.  Further than that, the way he named his super hero collection was incredibly unique.  Check the method below.

Mad Man

Running Man

Hang Man

Cave Man

Man Up Posters.

The few different styles of movie posters, album covers, and most popular media seem to be a dime a dozen now a days, but graphic artist Tyler Stout is trying to change that.  His unique, and multilayered designs, are far more than eye catching.  When compared to the official designs of the projects he’s chosen to replicate, his graphic illustrations are above and beyond.  This is only a small portion of his collection, but check out for more.

And of course... My obvious favorite.

The Best E Cards Ever.

Around the holidays, everyone is looking for that perfect card to say exactly what they want.  Some folk write their own cards, others buy them, and then there are the few that pick from e-cards and just email them to people.  Until this morning, I was under the impression that the e-card sender were weak… but when I saw my mind was blown.  Regardless of the intent you may have, they have a perfectly twisted card for you.  For the first time in life, I’ve seen a collection of cards that sound just like things I would write if I knew no one would read them.  Check out all the 20,000 + cards they have.  Brilliant.

Anti-Smoking Campaigns.

ALRIGHT, lets get down to me shooting myself in the foot.  For anyone who knows me personally, and my battle with cigarettes, I’m sure I’ll come under a bit of fire for posting this.  (But who cares).  Regardless of the criticism, I think all the ads in the anti-smoking collection are very well thought out, and extremely attention grabbing.  Some of the images in the collection caused a bit of controversy due to the images, but to be 100% honest, graphic and shocking is what someone needs when starting down the road to quitting.

Talk Nerdy To Me.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, one of my (ignorant) cousins made a comment something to the effect of “All your friends are club promoters, strippers, and rappers“, which is beyond untrue.  I spend quite a bit of time hanging out with people in other professions as well, (lawyers, psychotherapists, geologists, rocket scientists, and even a high school math teacher) so when I saw this collection dedicated to the bookworms, I knew I had to put it up.  Illustrations for Nerds in Love is the title of this great poster project made by Nicole Martinez, a designer from Boston, MA. These are love illustrations for the geek in all of us, regardless of your profession. For some of these prints you need some chemistry knowledge but if you know the basics, you’ll understand these prints and I’m sure they’ll make you smile.