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The Ukraine’s Greatest Pole Dancer?


Ukraine’s Got Talent winner Anastasia Sokolova, has been blowing up all over YouTube with her routines.  Some dare to say that her appeal is only sexual, but pole dancing is a form of performance art.  Although traditionally associated with strip clubs, it combines dance and acrobatics and requires quite a bit of skill to pull off.  Weather your opinion of Ms. Sokolova is that we appeal is driven by the provocative nature of her dance, or by her talent, one thing is undeniable, she’s being recognized for what she does.

Behind The Scenes With Trina.

Recently, Trina and Mr. Collipark got together to put out the track “Red Bottoms”.  Personally, I feel like with Trina’s obvious absence from the rap game, a new release may have been met with some skepticism by many, but rest assured Red Bottoms seems to be quite the banger.  The behind the scenes video by Derrick G, and 305 Films shows a little of the thought process behind the video, and even some looks things like dancers rehearsals.  Aside from the back up dancers, (including the world famous, Chi Town based ‘Footwork Kings’) Trina herself engages in some pole dancing wearing a wild yellow outfit and of course her Red Bottoms.  Director Gil Green, seems to have put together what could possibly be quite the comeback record for Trina.  With all the different dancers, different styles of dance, and Trina’s… talents on screen, this video should be a memorable one.  Check the method below.

Skateboard Totem.

These aren’t the totem’s from “Inception”, no not at all, artist brilliant designer Chris Parks created a 7 deck totem that would make anyone think they were dreaming when they saw it.  If a buyer issn’t sure if you want all 7 decks, the company Pale Horse has condensed it down to a single-deck version. Pale Horse presented a one-night only exhibit, entitled “Splinters and Papercuts,” showcasing new wood and paper engravings, jewelry, skateboards, t-shirts and prints. For this exhibit, digital illustrator and graphic designer Chris Parks combines his high-detail vector art, including tattoo-style imagery, mythical and religious iconography, and satirical themes, with laser engraving techniques to create custom wood art pieces.