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The Phantom Storm Movement – Infinite Climb.

The Project X podcast series was an amazing idea, sparked by an amazing movie, shut down by an amazingly stupid group of kids from Texas.  After a shooting at a party inspired by the movie, advice was taken to change the name to decrease association with an incident neither myself nor Jeff Phantom were involved with.  However, we’re still making podcasts, filled with new music for the people.  After a 3 week hiatus, I returned to the podcast tables and got back with Jeff to help produce “Infinite Climb”.  Chocked full of House, Electro, Mashups, ‘Infinite Climb’ is for sure a recording to replay.  And please don’t mind the Kelly Clarkson in the intro, we were just having fun with the fact that I’d been gone for three weeks.  Check the method.

The Project X Podcast.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

The movie ‘Project X’ has had a profound effect on a few of my colleagues and I.  Aside from attempts to re-create the mythic party in the movie, one of the big things I’ve thought about was what music people would really play at a party that epic.  A week or two after getting a sneak peek at the movie, my good friend DJ Jeff Phantom and I decided to create a podcast series in honor party music, no matter the genre.  The ‘Project X Podcasts’ will feature new music in a vast multitude of genres from Hip Hop, to Dubstep, to Top 40’s, to Electro, Dutch House, House, and anything else modern man would need to get a party rocking.  Jeff Phantom and I took some time, and just went straight through with a 100% live 70 minute long podcast that showcases 20 or so tracks, and wanted to put it up for your consideration.  Keep in mind, this is the first time either of us have done this, so we just let it fly.  But click the pic above, and take a listen.