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The Illest Photos Of The Most Surreal.

When photography stops to tell the concrete reality and try to represent a concept, when the image alludes to something, it becomes visual narrative, surreal and fantastic, a concept art.  A very young artist, spokesman of this photographic genre, is the American David Talley, founder and creative director of Concept Collaboration, a worldwide movement dedicated to conceptual photography.  With a touch a bit emo(tional) and an image processing similar to the dark one of Tim Barton, his goal seeks to highlight “the darkest moment before an explosion of light”.  Through the use of the movement and the rarefied atmospheres, David translates the emotions of real life in photographs from the positive impact that try to capture vulnerability and disturbances. Every place, every natural element help him enrich his narrative skills and provides in visual emotions.  The reality, after all, is only a starting point.

The Lyon Airport Just Got A Major Upgrade.

They’re fun, open-minded, hard-working, and they make fantastic design. The French design agency Graphéine recently concluded the 2017–2018 campaign for the Saint-Étienne Opera house with designs full of emotion, hence its title émotions partagées (shared emotions). And what’s more, they’ve reason to celebrate since 2017 is their 15-year anniversary.  Graphéine’s work begs second and third glances, not only because of the bold typography they incorporate into their solutions, but also because of the daring illusions they pull off, such as their anamorphic graphics for the Lyon St-Exupéry airport.

Mateusz Lengling.

Photographers and photo editors rarely capture the unique and captivating images that Poland’s Mateusz Lengling is able to.  With what seems like just simple photo slices Lengling’s artwork provides a rich and unforgettable feast for the eyes.  Check out a cross section of his work.

The Fantastical Photography Of Julian Hibbard.

That classic, grainy style of photography that has now become synonymous with the term “vintage”, has never seen a blend much like that of Julian Hibbard.  Slight digital additions to his already incredible portfolio of photos make every picture pop.  Check the method.

Viktor Miller-Gausa Portraits.

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We’ve been big fans of Viktor Miller-Gausa, and his photoshop portraits for quite some time. His work with simple strokes, and expressive ember effects brings a unique, and unmistakable quality to his art.  Check the method.


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The Wonderful Childhood Of Alex Palazzi.


Barcelona artist Alex Palazzi may be just as nostalgic about his past as the rest of us, however, he has the incredible creative skills to bring his memories to life.  Below is a great amalgamation of some of the things kids loved growing up.  Check the method.

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The Making Of…

For those of you interested in the behind the scenes aspect of Alex’s incredible works, take a look at his step-by-step process on each of the pieces.

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Modern Day Mythological Statues.


The ancient Greek sculptures of gods, leaders, heroes, and athletes of old, still resonate in our minds as being just a little larger than life (regardless of their actual size).  I’ve always wondered what a modern interpretation of those same ever-powerful images would look like, and this collection pretty much sums it up.  Featured below is a collaboration between southern California based advertising photographer Tim Tadder and Paris based digital artist Cristian Girotto. After seeing Cristian’s work with fashion skin retouching on behance, Tim reached out with a new concept for the talented artist’s technique. Quite simply Tim had the desire to recreate some of the most classic athlete statues from antiquity and with Cristian’s glass/porcelain skin type overlay he new the series would be strikingly unique.

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Shortcut S Photoshop Keyboard


Photoshop shortcuts were created to help make your life easier. The problem is with so many of them, it often has the exact opposite effect. Product designer Sorin Neica is looking to solve this problem with the unveiling of his Shortcut-S Photoshop Keyboard. This USB enabled keyboard features 319 keys, giving you the ability to use PS shortcuts with ease. Of the 319 total keys, there are 299 preset commands alongside 20 fully customizable keys for your own personal shortcuts. The keyboard sports a colorful, friendly design that is not only stylish, but is also extremely intuitive. There are over 372 functions, filters and tools built into the plug-and-play device, and the best of it all – it works on both PC and Macs.

Shortcut-S-Photoshop-Keyboard-2 Shortcut-S-Photoshop-Keyboard-3

@BramVanhaeren’s Amazing Digital Illustrations.

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Illustration is a difficult skill to master on its own, as is finding one’s particular style, subject matter, and medium.  Belgian artist Bram Vanhaeren has a developed a fascinating combination of these facets.  His work started at great, and is only getting better.  His illustration style is unique, his subject matter started with sports heroes and inspirational athletes, then evolved to artists, actors, politicians and other inspirational figures.  Vanhaeren’s eye catching style even landed his work the cover of Advanced Photoshop Magazine, you can see more of his work here.

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Erik Johansson

12_03_2009_0909863001236851789_erik_johansson 12_03_2009_0913777001236851789_erik_johansson 12_03_2009_0916801001236851789_erik_johansson 12_03_2009_0920619001236851789_erik_johansson 12_03_2009_0923574001236851789_erik_johansson 12_03_2009_0926161001236851789_erik_johansson 12_03_2009_0928758001236851789_erik_johansson 12_03_2009_0931657001236851789_erik_johansson 12_03_2009_0933896001236851789_erik_johansson 12_03_2009_0936698001236851789_erik_johansson

Check out theses amazing photos that were taken and manipulated by Erik Johansson.

12_03_2009_0975782001236851789_erik_johansson 12_03_2009_0961825001236851789_erik_johansson 12_03_2009_0938951001236851789_erik_johansson 12_03_2009_0940988001236851789_erik_johansson 12_03_2009_0943934001236851789_erik_johansson 12_03_2009_0945898001236851789_erik_johansson 12_03_2009_0948032001236851789_erik_johansson 12_03_2009_0951533001236851789_erik_johansson 12_03_2009_0955525001236851789_erik_johansson 12_03_2009_0959945001236851789_erik_johansson 12_03_2009_0965961001236851789_erik_johansson

Fascinating Manipulations by Christophe Huet

Take a look at fascinating images created by genius Photoshop retouch master from France, Christophe Huet. He is the one who creates the famous advertising for Playstation, Nike, Motorola, Surfrider Foundation, etc. His work is a perfect fusion between old-school photography and digital created composites. Somehow, he melts the thin barrier between reality and his own tortured imagination resulting in viscerally surreal images.

Digital Artworks Painted By Lonlieness.

Variations of glittered deformations form the basis for a grotesquely beautiful motif in the works of Japanese artist 非(xhxix). Digitally sketching, drawing, and painting everything using Photoshop alone, 非 visualizes loneliness in his subjects and decorates them with scars, layers of geometric abstractions and floral imagery. As most of his subjects are young men, the artist explains that “boys are more suitable to express loneliness as women are emotional and powerful.”  Concocting images of isolated pain and an ethereal sadness into haunting depictions of young western men, 非 reveals a mystified insight into the depths of the Japanese psyche.

The Creation Of A 1940’s Pin Up Girl.

Almost everyone is familiar with Pin Up girl photos from the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s.  It was an intriguing brand of imagery back in the day, and now is always portrayed as classic.  I personally have always loved the style, but never really knew how they produced the photos.  Apparently taking pictures, and re-engineering the imagery though illustration was the way to do it.  Check out some examples below.

The Movie Generals.

Today I saw some work from Steve Payne, who created the ‘Replaceface’ series, where Steve took digital copies of George Dawe’s paintings of Russian generals and added celebrities faces to the portrait using Photoshop. So as always, enjoy & live inspired.

Denis Zilber Illustrations.

Illustrations are an art form that have literally existed since the age of the caveman.  Weather they are simple or complex, drawings can tell stories and captured emotions, and Denis Zilber’s illustrations are no exception.  His unique style, shading, coloring, bring his art pieces to life in a way that makes every illustration its own story.

Simen Johan’s Unique Work.

Simen Jones is a miraculous photographer out of Norway that has a unique ability to paint incredibly imaginative pictures with her work.  Now I know that a picture is worth a thousand words, so on and so forth, but these gallery photos stick in a way far more remarkable than work I’ve seen from many other surreal photographers.

Even this little odd and disturbing chicken thing picture above is quite hard to stop looking at.  But check out the rest of her work below.

The Company Condoms.

A cheeky project called New Condoms makes all corporate slogans sound like innuendos.  The photoshop on all of the photos are impeccable.  Check the method.

The Miraculous Manipulations Of Michael Oswald.

When it comes to digital art, people have many different opinions as what qualifies.  Oswald is a digital artist with a unique style. His technique involves a combination of photo manipulation and digital painting techniques and the results are often stunning. No matter what you call his style, it’s awesome.  Check the method.


Amalgamate 1.0

Under Her Skin

The Bonsai Tree


Amalgamate 2.0



Trophy Wife


Amalgamate 3.0

Soul Searching

More Digital Art From Alex Varanese.

First and foremost: no pre-existing typefaces were used anywhere in this series.  Like, down to the model numbers on the chips. It’s all either custom lettering or original fonts.  This is just another brilliant example of some work from Alex Varanese.  I already posted up some of his work a few years ago here.

15 Amazingly Unique Portrait Styles.

Portraits can be incredibly introspective ways to look at a person.  Most of the time the selected medium is paint, however, folks can go in some pretty unique directions to get their vision across.  Check out some unusual examples of portrait styles below.

Nathan Spotts: Unrealistic Scenes.

Nathan Spotts is an incredible digital artist.  When I came across his collection of “Unrealistic Scenes” comprised of shots of earth, sky, and space, I was floored.  Nathan said “I’ve always been captivated by the beauty of our world, and often dream of the things that lay just beyond what we can see.  I wanted to create images of scenes that are not-quite real, but that almost could be.”  Check the method below.

Incredible Surreal Photography.

Surreal photography is something that can be seen, inspected, and appreciated just like any other type of photography, but with a casual glance, not too many realize the extreme amount of skill it takes to create a photo like the ones in this set.  I’ve seen tons of pictures of people jumping out of water glasses, or holding a city above their heads, but it wasn’t until I saw the work of Audrey Amelie that I realized what attention to detail, and having a great concept can do for a photo.  She (Audrey) and the photographers and photo editors that put these pictures together undoubtedly slaved away for hours and hours on end to come up with a photo, just to blow ones mind.

A Real Life Photoshop Tool.

This is to all my graphic design, or photo students at art schools all around the world…. Don’t you wish sometimes you could use Photoshop tools in real life?  Magic erase your room mate, use the liquify effect to make girls tits bigger, or turn the Gaussian Blur down to 0.0 pixels when you have a hang over in the morning.  Well we’re a bit far off from things being that easy, but this new sensor pen is one of the closest things to the Color Sampler tool anyone’s come ever before.  Check the method below.

Li Wei’s Impossible Photos.

Li Wei, a contemporary artist from Beijing China, has been taking self portraits to new heights… literally.  His gravity defying photos have been mesmerizing the world, capturing impossible looking moments of apparent extreme danger.  You’ll find Wei hanging on in dangerous situations, or crashing head on into sidewalks and cars.  Li Wei states that these images are not computer montages and that he works with the help of props such as mirrors, metal wires, scaffolding and acrobatics. He then removes the wires and scaffolding with Photoshop to create these seemingly impossible photos.  “My artistic language is universal and deals with themes about contemporary politics and society using symbols understood by everyone in every part of the world. I am fascinated by the unstable and dangerous sides of art…”  Here’s a collection of some of Wei’s most outstanding photos (including what seems to be his signature “missle in the ground” pose), in a unique combination of artistry and acrobatics that are sure to make you take a second look.

The Oddest Oddities

Photography is something I’ve always had a deep interest in. All different examples, types, subjects, and processes have caught my eye as extraordinary over the last few years, but when it comes to the oddities department, I haven’t come across too many galleries like this one. I couldn’t find the information necessary to credit every singe photographer, so there are no credits given. (Because that would be unfair.). So check the method below, and comment if you know who took a particular picture.