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Follow Fetty Wap Through His Home Turf.


Tag along with Fetty Wap and his deep, loyal Zoo Gang family to learn about the Paterson, New Jersey star’s rise to fame and the role his crew has played in his success.

Interview With A Porn Star.


As a recent college graduate that has often contemplated different career paths, getting the opportunity to sit down with an ex porn star and interview was probably one of the most interesting and unique experiences I have ever had as a writer. It was a girl whom I was friendly with in high school but she had graduated a few years after I did. I met with her with an open mind and a most curious disposition.
Her legal name is Amanda Lynn and she was born in Jersey City, New Jersey but raised in Miami, Florida. Amanda’s Mom had her at the age of 14, which would consequently have a significant impact on the rest of her (Amanda’s) life. Her Father was never around in her life which she also credits to be one of the reasons that she became involved in the porn industry. But her main reason for getting involved was the one that I most certainly did not expect.

“My Mom has Lupus and she was really, really sick. I saw her struggling with bills and not being able to receive the proper care that she needed. I knew that I had to do something”. Amanda decided to take a leap into a world she knew nothing about; nude modeling. She sent her photos to Hustler magazine who then forwarded them to Bang Bros.
“I didn’t believe them. I didn’t think that this could be real..I called bullshit on them. But they proved me wrong. They sent me copies of contracts and all sorts of legal agreements in regards to doing movies for them.” After realizing that this business proposal was actually legit, she decided to go on a whim and not tell anybody. Traveling to Florida as Amanda Lynn, she would return in just 2 weeks as “Jordana Heat”.
When I asked her where her name came from, she said it was simple. “I knew I wanted to have a name that nobody else had. I wanted something that stood apart from the regular names that were out there. I wanted people to know who Jordana Heat was. I am huge fan of the entire Fast & Furious series and my favorite character is Jordana. I also love basketball and my favorite team is Miami Heat. Instantly I knew- Jordana Heat was perfect.”

Partially for interview purposes and partially for my own curiosity, I asked her how much she made the first time she got involved. She told me that after only 2 weeks in Florida, she returned home with $30,000 in cash. She said the money was unreal but it meant the world to her that she was able to finally help take care of her Mother.  “My Mom is my everything” she said with the most sincere tone in her voice. She talked about how at first her Mother did not know but eventually found out. “She was really upset at first, but eventually she got over it and has learned to accept me for who I am”.

Perhaps the most heart wrenching part of Amanda’s story was when she talked about the backlash she received from her fellow classmates when her movie went public. “My tires were slashed, I was receiving death threats on a regular basis, girls constantly wanted to fight me at parties.. all because I used to do porn. It wasn’t like I was going around stealing anybody’s boyfriend. It was a decision I made for myself that I honestly did not believe was going to affect me so tremendously”.  Considering that Amanda and I are from the same small, suburban New Jersey town it really seemed outrageous to hear all the terrible things that had happened to her just because she decided to make an adult film.
Returning to present time, I was interested to learn what her next career move was. She was very adamant about the fact that more than anything  “porn has ruined my love life.. I will forever be a playmate”. As somebody who is as far removed from the adult film industry as could be, I would imagine that for some guys that would be their dream. Amanda admitted that she has most certainly received more attention since her movies, but that not all of it is wanted. She openly admits to dealing with social anxiety due to the torment and turmoil she experienced when her movies became public.

While struggling with her anxiety and trying to still maintain a social life, Amanda is currently studying to become a Veterinary Technician. Once she completes the program, she will move on to Animal Behavior College (which could potentially take up to 10 years for her to complete the courses of study that she wants to pursue).  She also has big dreams of one day becoming a movie star.. regular Hollywood films, that is. Amanda also notes that she has built up a fan base that is compiled of all different types of people but she “loves them all”.
Amanda Lynn, better known as “Jordana Heat” was not only open and honest; she was kind and sincere. She is young but very aware of the decisions she has made and the consequences they have had. She made social sacrifices but did it all for the sake of her Mother’s well being.

-Victoria Fisher


American Hustle


A fictional film set in the alluring world of one of the most stunning scandals to rock our nation, American Hustle tells the story of brilliant con man Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale) who, along with his equally cunning and seductive British partner Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams), is forced to work for a wild FBI agent, Richie DiMaso (Bradley Cooper). DiMaso pushes them into a world of Jersey powerbrokers and mafia that’s as dangerous as it is enchanting. Jeremy Renner is Carmine Polito, the passionate, volatile, New Jersey political operator caught between the con artists and Feds. Irving’s unpredictable wife Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence) could be the one to pull the thread that brings the entire world crashing down. Like David O. Russell’s previous films, American Hustle defies genre, hinging on raw emotion and life-and-death stakes.

Ms. Esmee Luciano.

Esmee-Luciano - 02 Esmee-Luciano - 33 Esmee-Luciano - 46Esmee-Luciano - 60

It’s been said for quite some time now that ‘Jersey girls’ do it better’, and half Cuban, half Puerto Rican Esmee Luciano may be a perfect example.  This particular Jersey girl stands 5′ 2″ and measures up at 32C-26-40.  Luciano has graced the pages of King Magazine, Blackmen Magazine, and Straight Stuntin’, among many others.  Check out some more of her photos and a behind the scenes video shoot below.


Esmee-Luciano - 57 Esmee-Luciano - 04 Esmee-Luciano - 07 Esmee-Luciano - 59

Esmee-Luciano - 21 Esmee-Luciano - 54Esmee-Luciano - 28Esmee-Luciano - 19

Hoddy, The Young Jedi – Ba$e Train.

Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 3.56.19 AM

I’ve always been a sucker for home-state talent. But without knowing the artist Hoddy hails from one town over from me, I’d still have his track ‘Base Train’ on repeat. The Plainfield native has been a rising star in the East Coast music scene for a few years now, and continues to put out music that rises above his competitors. The first time I heard ‘Base Train’ was when I spun a performance for him in July, and I’ve been a fan ever since. Check the method.

Mariela Figueroa & The Austrian Crystals Contest.

With the amount of talent coming out of my home town of South Plainfield, NJ now a days, it’s hard to keep up with everyone who’s doing their thing.  But I caught wind of the “Austrian Crystals” Model Contest recently, and wasn’t surprised that the clear winner was from S.P.  Ms. Mariela Figueroa has a beautiful portfolio of work, and really stands out from the crowd in this contest.  Click the pic below if you have a Facebook page, and click “Like” to Vote.  You can also get a little back by supporting Mariela, you get $20 free on any jewelry of your choice, with your purchase of $50 & up from Check the method, make your vote count.

Click the pic to vote for Mariela

Nicole Zavla.

Everyone who’s read the posts on this blog about models knows I’m infatuated with people in my age range who are going out of their way to do big things… and I’m a sucker for a Jersey girl.  That being said, even if I wasn’t in love with models from my home state, Nicole Zavala would still be headed towards the top of the list.  Hailing from the Garden State, she spends much of her time in New York, and has been modeling since 14.   The lovely Ms. Zavla is Hispanic Colombian & Puerto Rican.  Her looks and body aren’t the only impressive things about her.  She boasts a resume that consists of videos with Lloyd Banks, Jadakiss, Red Cafe, Ron Browz, and others.  After you take a look her photos, check her out on twitter @neebabyx3.

b.FUNK – Bust A Move (Live).

The recording artist known as B.C. has been pumping out musical mastery for years now.  But with the advent of the band b.FUNK, the tunes coming out of New Jersey have been much more melodic and mellifluous than they have been in years.  b.FUNK performed in Union, NJ’s Soundwaves Academy with the full band, including bongo’s and a saxophone, and tore the stage down.  Check the method below.


There are so many things folks can do in New York, but one of the first things that newcomers tend to do is take a tour.  But recently someone out in the city had the smart idea to just film a tour… and this isn’t one from a bus, a bike, or a boat.  A small camera was strapped to a professional grade remote controlled air plane, and let loose around the city.  Check the video below, the images they captured are pretty dope.

Smash Something.

Welcome to the Destruction Company.

The Destruction Company is a member only club that offers its rich clients the unique chance to smash anything they desire with any weapons they choose.  Members can pick from a list of objects to smash – including furniture, televisions, guitars, fax machines, motorcycles, lap tops and pottery.  Members can also request a particular item they want to destroy – including luxury cars and pianos – which they pay to have brought in. They are then given a choice of weapon including baseball bats, golf clubs, battle axes, sledgehammers, lump hammers, swords, and chainsaws.  The members then visit the club’s warehouse and roof top space to don protective clothing and destroy the object bit by bit.  The smashing – either individually or in group sessions – is filmed on camera so members can visit a control room and watch back footage of themselves in action.  The Destruction Company is now open in New Jersey and is hoping to expand its business to Los Angeles and London.  Members pay an annual fee plus the cost of what is destroyed during each session – with prices ranging from $10 (set of plates), baby grand piano ($2,000), to luxury cars costing over $100,000 (see the list below).

Cassidy Arrested and Suspected of Murder.

The Philadelphia Police warrant squad called the Hackensack Police Department on Saturday morning to tell officers there was an open warrant for Hackensack resident Barry Reese, also known as Cassidy, Hackensack police Lt. Timothy Lloyd said.  The warrant was for violating probation, but Reese is also a suspect in a murder and two attempted murders in Philadelphia, Lloyd said.  Philadelphia police knew from a prior investigation that the rapper lived in Hackensack, Lloyd said.  Philadelphia police told their Hackensack counterparts “to consider this person armed and dangerous,” and this was a “high-risk warrant,” Lloyd said.  Officers from the Hackensack Police Emergency Response Team and the police department’s juvenile bureau watched Reese’s home Saturday on Reilly Court, Lloyd said.

Reese left his house about 1:30 p.m. and was followed by police to a local convenience store, Lloyd said.  An undercover ERT officer went in the store and positively identified Reese, he said.  When Reese came out of the store, “the ERT units moved in and conducted a felony motor vehicle stop,” Lloyd said.  Reese “was very surprised,” Lloyd said. The officers who arrested the rapper “did an outstanding job,” he said. “Without the proper teamwork going on, this could have spiraled out of control quickly.”  No one was injured in the arrest, Lloyd said.  Reese, 28, will be brought to the Bergen County Jail Annex to await extradition to Philadelphia, Lloyd said.

5 Strong Ent.

Now its no secret that its my job to make a good party, and I don’t normally shout other DJ’s but the crew over at 5 strong is quite praiseworthy. (If you couldn’t tell by the video above… they go hard). 5 Strong consists of 5 DJs, all with differing styles on the wheels of steel. 5 Strong is responsible for some of the hottest parties in New York City and New Jersey and works with artists like Rob Scott. But if your not in the tri-state area, fear not. They also have guest spots in Atlanta, Miami, and L.A. The team is sponsored by I had the distinct pleasure of rockin’ with DJ Rob Ru of 5 Strong this past new years eve in New York City, and we’re planning nothing but madness for 2011.

DJ Rob Ru

Kwality – ‘Ballin’


Click the pic to download 'Ballin' by Kwality

Now normally one of the deciding factors as to weather or not I’m a fan of the music I listen to is the quality.  Luckily the New Jersey artist Kwality has all that and more.  The track “Ballin” showed up on my radar a few weeks ago, and after a quick talk the South Plainfield emcee, I knew I had to throw the song up for download.  When I spoke with Kwality about the song, he said  “I have not reached that pinnacle of my career yet, but I am determined to establish myself into a wealthy young man in the future. I know my hard work and dedication will pay off. This song is for everyone who has a dream of being wealthy. Do not stop at a dream, push to make it reality.” Kwality has worked with various Jersey based artists, B.Cole, Paperface, C-Po (producer), yours truly and DJ Bhrama Bull are all among the list.  This year he plans to release his self-proclaimed EP entitled “Tough Love” as well as his mixtape entitled “Kwality Music”. Both will be available on iTunes when released, but some of his earlier material can be found on Reverb Nation.

Dana Lee

I know I.C. (who’s got an affinity for the “Asian-pursuasion”) is drooling on himself right now.  The delectable Dana Lee (dubbed the official Chyna Doll), was born and raised in Rochester, New York. Her unique features resemble that of a porcelain doll, and originate from her Korean and American heritage. With her distinct ethnicity and curvaceous 34d-25-38 she decided to move to New Jersey, closer to the big apple, and pursue modeling. Her unique and stunning look put her in Smooth magazines 100 hottest Smooth Girls in 2008. But from growing up in my life-long best friend’s home town, living in my home state, and being ridiculously hot, Dana Lee has ever more “perks”.  She has a license in real estate and is currently studying to be a registered nurse. She is currently working on her website and calendar that launched in the summer of 2009. With numerous magazine and video appearances already under her belt guys are sure to continue to see a lot more of Dana Lee.

Susan Coffey

Everyone knows the women regular routine for women featured on the blog, but today I figured I’d switch it up just a bit.  I’ve got an eye for more than just the super seductive video models, and thick vixens that usually sprinkle the blog, especially when it comes to women from my home state of Jersey.  Model Susan Coffey is a 20 year old New Jersey native (Metuchen, holla) and has quite the impressive portfolio.  With her etherial mystique, a hypnotizing look, and a great selection of photographers taking her pictures, she’s managed to amass a crazy online following, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down what so every.  Check the method, and know that no matter what type of girl a guy may be into… You can find one in Jersey.

J Cole Live On Stage At Rutgers.

I got a hold of some footage of a recent J Cole performance in my home state of New Jersey.  He tore down the stage at Rutgers, and in the process even did some production on stage.  Check the footage below from via Hot Mop.

Cole Rockin’ It.




B.C. is an unsigned artist out of South Plainfield, New Jersey, with a creative outlook on life that interprets itself into his music. His debut mixtape “The Kouf Era”, was named “The best unsigned artists project of [2009]” by Penn State Radio (DJ Dred, Jam 91). Click the pic below to check the crazy flow on the track “Cole Rockin’ It”

Click here to download 'Cole Rockin It.'