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Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy.


So I don’t normally plug retail sites, (unless I’m getting paid to) however, I came across a site looking for some wedding gifts for a friend, and I have to shout its praises from the rooftops.  The site ‘Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy’ has quite the selection of random, astonishing, and rare items.  For example… the Batmobile (not joking), things like a Facebook shower curtain, all black playing cards, or even a bullet proof business suit.  For sure take a browse, and you’ll find something you’ll like.  Below are just a small handful of some of the random sh*t you CAN buy.  Check the method.


A mounted paper mache dragon head.


The Facebook shower curtain.


A bullet-proof business suit


A random Nerds dress.


As I stated earlier… The Batmobile.


Transparent speakers.


Ironman Mark VII iPhone case.


Naughty sockets.


NES cartridge pillows.


Black on black playing cards.


Talk Nerdy To Me.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, one of my (ignorant) cousins made a comment something to the effect of “All your friends are club promoters, strippers, and rappers“, which is beyond untrue.  I spend quite a bit of time hanging out with people in other professions as well, (lawyers, psychotherapists, geologists, rocket scientists, and even a high school math teacher) so when I saw this collection dedicated to the bookworms, I knew I had to put it up.  Illustrations for Nerds in Love is the title of this great poster project made by Nicole Martinez, a designer from Boston, MA. These are love illustrations for the geek in all of us, regardless of your profession. For some of these prints you need some chemistry knowledge but if you know the basics, you’ll understand these prints and I’m sure they’ll make you smile.

The Evolution Of The Geek.

I’ve been called many different things in my day, and the two I get the most are ‘Geek’ and/or ‘Nerd’ (which are not necessarily untrue assessments of my personality when I’m not at work).  But as curious as I am, I decided to take a look into the term Geek while I was on break during a studio session.  My findings were quite interesting.  Check the method.

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Pharell: Creative Director Of KarmaloopTV.

Billboard reports that rapper-producer Pharrell Williams of N.E.R.D. and The Neptunes fame will serve as creative director for the Karmaloop TV, which is the network scheduled to launch later this year. Karmaloop will feature original productions along with movies that have shaped the 18-to-34-year-olds who grew up with the Internet. It’s essentially programming for the digital, plugged in generation.

Lupe Fiasco Joining N.E.R.D.?

Hard Knock Tv’s Nick Huff Barili caught up with N.E.R.D (Pharrell Williams, Shay, Chad Hugo) to explain the latest with the Star Trak movement. Pharrell talks about Alyssa Bernal, Chester French, Robin Thicke (calling him our R&B Sinatra), N.E.R.D and Christian Rich. Pharrell goes on to say that Kenna is family but that he is no longer on Star Trak and that neither are the Clipse saying “I am interested in growing talent, it doesn’t have to be on my farm.” Pharrell said that if there was a fourth member of N.E.R.D it would be Lupe and that people should not be surprised if they do an album together but it wouldn’t be on the next album because N.E.R.D has already started working on album and its going to be Nature based.

N.E.R.D. – Hypnotize U (Official Video)

Pharrell talks new N.E.R.D. album.

In an recent interview, Pharrell discussed the sound and feel of N.E.R.D’s new project, the quality of the production, and why they decided to scrap 27 completed tracks and start from the ground up to create ‘Instant Gratification’.  Click the pic to see the interview.

Watch the interview here.