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Siberian Tundra Twerking?

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When you think of Russia, you don’t think of masterful twerking. However, this video could very well change your outlook. It’s a girl who has obviously mastered the art of the twerk. With Tyga’s “Rack City” playing in the background, she pulled off some noteworth booty shaking moves.

How Famous Companies Got Their Names.

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Personalized Cutting Boards by Elysium Woodworks

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Take a look at these custom wooden cutting boards. Some of them are engraved with the periodic table of elements, some with some symbols by your choice. The cutting boards are available in maple, white oak, beech and walnut. To make your board even more special you can ask to engrave your name and initials inside the spot of the 118th element Ununoctium.

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Being Elmo.

Puppeteering isn’t necessarily on one of my most respected professions list, but Jim Hensen and the minds behind Sesame Street have no doubt influenced tons of children around the globe (including myself).  That being said, I never really felt the need to look into what exactly it takes to create such characters, or the people who fill their shoes every time the camera comes on… Until my boy DeLuv showed me this video.