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Wanna Play A Game Of Rhythm Roulette?


If you start making music for the Diplomats before you’re supposed to graduate from high school, you better pray that you’re consistently at the top of your game. That’s what araabMUZIK has been doing and then some. The Rhode Island producer has made a name for himself, in more than one way. His live MPC sets are dizzying and his imagination behind the boards is still expanding. He also miraculously survived a gunshot to the head in an attempted robbery in Harlem earlier in February. But he pushed through and released his album Dream World in July and produced Joe Budden’s last album Rage & The Machine.

As you can assume, it was only a matter of time before we got araab for Rhythm Roulette. We hit up Moodies Records in the Bronx and ended up with CDs from Blue Magic, Diana Ross & The Supremes, and The Dramatics (he’s not messing with vinyl). Then back at the studio with his AKAI MPC, araabMUZIK chops up samples and does what he does best. Layer after layer, he builds in his signature sound and producer drops for what could be the intro to the next Dipset album.

MPC Minute With araabMUZIK.

Akai’s MPC Renaissance, their new hardware/software digital audio workstation promises the classic MPC feel with increased processing power.  Producer AraabMuzik provides a brief demonstration of what it looks and sounds like being banged on.

The Rap Board.

Click the pic to see the full board.

Some of my older work, like the ‘The Mix Up‘ is very sample heavy, and uses certain catch phrases from the biggest rappers.  When I was creating the collection, I had to dig through hours of acapellas to find the right samples to put into the songs, however, if I had known about “The Rap Board” a few years ago, I would have finished that project 3 months sooner.  “The Rap Board” is essentially just a literal board of popular samples from main stream rappers to use as samples.  Pretty dope, click the pic to check the method.

The Araab Muzik Show.

Weather it’s live, on video, or in any other medium, someone playing the MPC live is always amazing to me, the same way it is for anyone to watch any artist produce live music.  The M.V.P. of the MPC, Mr. Araab Muzik, is a world class musician that has transcended the label of a simple “beat maker”.  Luckily for his fans, he’s on tour, all over the U.S. and has recently put out a docu-video proving his dopeness to those who remain unfamiliar.  But if you’re already up on your Araab music, keep looking at the top of the screen for the tour dates streaming by.

Ski Beatz Live in Studio.

Ski Beatz has been doing his thing in the studio for quite some time.  DJ Ski (a.k.a. Ski Beatz) just dropped a video that has been spreading its way all over the web for about a week now.  The mini-doc features his front to back process creating a beat.  It’s always fascinating to me to be around for the creative process, so getting such an intimate look at a pro is always dope.  Check the method below.

Paperface – “Wishery”

From the “Get Off My Crumb” mixtape to the new “Planet of the Papes”, lyrical dynamo Paperface never ceases to amaze with his diverse and inventive style, and unique content. But when he showed me the beat “Wishery” he stumbled upon, I knew I had to put it up, its a whole new beast. The beat was compiled entirely from samples of the 1937 Disney classic “Snow White”. Producers and DJ’s alike should take note of the creativeness and skill leaking from every aspect of the track. Although the original source is anything but “gangsta”, the finished product is a ridiculously dope beat that has a classic vibe to it. Check the method below.