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“There are a few special projects that come around in one’s career – the opportunity to work with one of the world’s best brands and a product that defies definition. When the  opportunity to work on McLaren presented itself, we were sold. It was gametime. The rest was a whirlwind of fast cars and late nights. “- The creative directors of the project.

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The Hamann-McLaren-MP4-12C.

The memoR combines bespoke paint and carbon fiber body work to bring an even greater air of exclusivity to the standard McLaren MP4-12C supercar.  Since its official launch in 2011, the McLaren MP4-12C supercar has been covered with praise for its phenomenal speed and handling, and yet some in the motoring press have been slightly critical of its looks, suggesting that compared to its two biggest competitors — the outrageously styled Lamborghini Aventador and the angry lines of the Ferrari 458 Italia — the McLaren is a bit of a wallflower.  However, all of that is about to change. For the sum of €95,000 on top of the €200,000 standard retail price, HAMANN Motorsport is offering an extreme makeover that will not only make the McLaren stand out from other supercars, but from pretty much everything else on the street.

McLaren Helps Design Boats.

You are looking at renders of the world’s largest sailing trimaran. It is called the CXL Trimaran Concept and it features a garage for your personal McLaren MP4-12C.  The 158-foot-long trimaran superyacht was designed by manufacturer UltraLuxum. It features retractable outer hulls designed by McLaren Applied Technologies.  Its impressive storage facilities necessitate its massive shape, coming in at 48 meters in length and 60 meters in height.  Ultraluxum maintains its interest in and commitment to the environment despite CXL 160’s massive measurements.  The company points out that it is a wind-powered vessel and that it will be further propelled by a battery operated system.