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Dave Chappelle is BACK. (again)… (AGAIN).

It started with “The Age Of Spin”, and has spun out of control from there with the resurgence of Dave Chappelle. He’s gone from Comedy Central show host to legend as soon as he quit the Chappelle show, and seemingly out of nowhere, his return rocked the comedy scene. The promotional ads for his newest Netflix special seem to ask the same question, how do you finish a run of HOURS of comedy that has been this prolific. Since Chappelle started his first special with Morgan Freeman narrating, comedy fans and audiences alike have been waiting for an epic conclusion while never wanting them to end at the same time. Take a look as some of the promos as you may be waiting anxiously for TOMORROW, October 5th, 2021. ‘The Closer’ can only be followed by the wait for whatever Chappelle decides to do next.

Time Travel With God.

‘Through The Wormhole’ is a show hosted by Morgan Freeman on the science channel, where he breaks down certain scientific mysteries.  I personally found it hilarious that a person who played God in multiple movies, and has never been young hosted a show about time travel. (Yes, Morgan Freeman has never young, it’s true).  But all in all, the show was quite interesting.  Check it out below.