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Milla – Hell Yeah (Official Video).

Milla-Hell-Yeah-ArtworkThe first time I heard Milla’s “Hell Yeah” I remember thinking to myself, “I assume the video is just a grand amalgamation of things that would make me say hell yeah.”  The track itself features Clyde Caron, and was produced by Young California’s DJ ASAP, but the video features a laundry list of entertainers, comedians, models, fast cars, parties, and all the things that would make a sane man say “HELL YEAH”.  Check the method below.


‘What You Sippin On’ x ‘Fill Ur Cup Up’ Twerk Mix.

-8DJ remixes have been an essential staple of the music game for quite some time now, but their importance has been lost over recent years to the sheer number of basic, low level mashups that scatter the internet.  Luckily DJ Kay Rich, and my mentor Clayton William have created a twerk mix that stands apart from the crowd.  This impressive combination feature Milla, D Mac, Sage The Gemini, The Kid Ryan, and Syrup.  Definitely worth putting in your playlist, either as a casual listener, or a DJ.  Check the method below.

Clayton William – Fill Ur Cup Up (Official Video).

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 8.14.59 PM

It’s fairly standard that different regions of the U.S. have different styles of popular music.  Some areas cross over, (like New Yorkers listening to music out of the South) but unbeknownst to me, some parts of Miami have a taste for the Bay Area flavor.  Recently on a trip to MIA, I brought a track titled “Fill Ur Cup Up” with me produced by my mentor Clayton William featuring Sage The Gemini, Dmac, Milla, and Jmaine.  Needless to say everyone is South Beach was asking about it, and luckily the good folks who fell in love the song now have a video to go with it.  Check out the official video for “Fill Ur Cup Up” directed by Sharp Films.

Jeff Phantom & DJ Storm – Swerve.

Click the pic to download.

On an average of about once a month, DJ Jeff Phantom and I got together since February to put out some podcast mixes that started with Project X, and are now culminating in the 30 minute mix session titled ‘Swerve’.  With it being half Hip Hop, and half Electro/House/Dubstep, tons of ideas, mashups, and remixed were thrown around during the early phase of putting things together, but in the end we felt it was just best to just rock live on the turn tables for about 15 minutes each.  Click the player below to listen, and we hope you enjoy.