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Red Light District Awareness campaign | STOP THE TRAFFIK


This campaign caught a lot of attention when the men thought at first that the girls were just dancing together for their entertainment, but sometimes things are not what they seem. Men, women and children are trafficked – tricked, forced and exploited in the sex industry. Awareness campaign created by Duval Guillaume Modem and produced by monodot in support of STOP THE TRAFFIK.


Ricky Thomason

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Ricky Thomason is a young photographer living in Paris. And it’s in the city of fashion that Ricky got a lot more into fashion photography. Whether it’s men or women, his shots are quite stunning. His black and white portraits passes an emotion that is rarely found in fashion portfolios.

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Titanium Utility Ring

Titanium-Utility-Ring-3 Titanium-Utility-Ring-1

Crafted from aerospace grade titanium this ring is one of most unusual rings. Specially designed for men Utility Ring packs five different tools. It features a bottle open, two blades, one for cutting things like packaging tapes and the other one is the serrated blade for hard things like nylon strapping – a saw for cutting soft surfaces, also it has a tiny comb for your mustache.


The Flip Side.

Around mid 2011 some friends and I had discussed the possibility of shooting some short comedy sketches, and immediately premises started flying about.  Some good, some great, none of which I can talk about in this post, but I’ve never seen a video and thought to myself “DAMN, why didn’t we think of that?”… until just now.  While researching some camera equipment I came across a video titled “The Flip Side”.  It’s a simple concept with tons of hilarious applications, and its honestly something no one on my team thought of.  As bitter as I may have initially been about that, it doesn’t matter, because the guys behind this video couldn’t have done it any better neither could anyone else.  What would the world be like if women acted like men, and vice-versa?  Check the method below to find out.

The Most Hillarious PSA In 50 Years.

So in the process of starting work on my newest project (which I CAN NOT say anything about until New Years, so please don’t ask) I came across a video during a break that I’m still laughing at right now.  Old School PSA’s are often misdirected, and full or sexual, racial, religious, and class oriented slurs, but this one from the mid 50’s was just perplexing both as to its purpose, and its target audience.  None the less, me and my boys I’ve been working with were cracking up for a solid hour with some of the “issues” tackled in this PSA video.  It might just be our sense of humor, and the vibe in the room at the moment we watched it, but check the method below, let me know what you think.