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Lip Licking Good.

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Rainbows, honeycombs, pixels and even famous Japanese works of art — there’s almost nothing Canadian makeup artist Andrea Reed can’t recreate using a few brushes and a variety of lipsticks.  Going by the name Girl Grey Beauty, Reed is known for sharing drool-worthy lip art creations as well as handy beauty tutorials. It’s painful to admit, but her works really made us realize we have no game whatsoever when it comes to primpin’.  Reed, among other incredible makeup gurus, really pushes the limits of modern art, showing that it no longer belongs solely in galleries and museums, but can be found in the most unexpected places, even a human face.

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She Has Waited Too Long.

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While just randomly scouring the internet for anything interesting, Ever Magazine in France had an article titled “She Has Waited Too Long” that caught my eye.  Most photos that show off dresses, are merely some nicely made up woman, either cropped from the head up, or contorted into some oddly unusual but artsy position, but when I saw odel Clémentine Levy, something was obviously different.  Levy teamed up with make up artist MademoiselleMu for a unique and stylish take on the dress portrait.  The make up accentuates the look, and emphasizes the dresses, but is outside-of-the-box enough to catch anyone’s eye.  Check the method.
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“BLANK CANVAS”for Vantage Shanghai Sept 2015

Photographer: RUO BING LI 
Photography Assisstant: HENGQING ZHAO
Location: M.A.C PRO STUDIO
Post-prodcution: STUDIOBASED.COM

Halloween MakeUp Arts

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Check out these amazing make-up and fashion skeletons that were created, some of them giving the optical illusion of hollowed out eyes, scars and more.

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CK One – The Unisex Make Up Line.

Popular unisex fragrance CK One is expanding into color cosmetics, with aims to offer simple makeup to suit both men and women.  Comprising products including skin perfecting concealers and foundation as well as bronzer, blush, mascara and color cosmetics such as eye shadow and lipstick, the packaging will be matte black and white to evoke the practical approach to beauty.  Many items have been designed to make life easier, including a 3-in-1 Face Makeup which blends serum, primer and face makeup into a lightweight formula.  The collection will launch at Spanish department store El Corte Inglés in March before reaching destinations including the US, Australia and France in April.  Other countries including the UK, Germany and Brazil will follow in fall 2012. Price points begin at around $13.  The ad campaigns will launch in March, starring an array of models including Lara Stone and males such as Viggo Jonasson and Yuri Pleskun. It is expected the line’s simplistic approach will appeal to men too.  “CK One color is not about transformation or dramatization. It’s about looking real, defining yourself and adding intensity,” VP of marketing for Calvin Klein Fragrances Thomas Burkhardt was quoted as saying in WWD.

Monica Bellucci For Dolce & Gabbana.

Monica Bellucci has teamed up with Dolce & Gabbana for a limited edition lipstick line designed to reflect a woman’s “state of mind”.  After the announcement of Kate Winslet’s charity makeup line for French beauty giant Lancôme last year, Italian star Bellucci is the latest actress to venture into the realm.  Called the Monica Lipstick Collection, the range will comprise six shades costing $32 each and is scheduled to hit stores May 12.  “The idea for the collection was to create different shades, different colors depending on your mood of the day, your state of mind,” the actress told WWD February 17.  “I love all shades in the collection and feel drawn to the different colors, depending on how I feel.”  The advertising campaign for the Monica Lipstick Collection was captured by photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, known for their work with the likes of Louis Vuitton, Missoni and Giorgio Armani.  Evoking classic Italian cinema, it is set to run in publications across Italy, America, the UK, Russia and the Middle East this May.  Bellucci is also a new face of the Italian fashion house’s beauty collection, joining other Dolce & Gabbana Make Up actress front women Scarlett Johansson and Felicity Jones.

Colored White.

Working as closely with models as I do has given me the opportunity to closely examine what it takes to turn an provocative concept into a successful shoot.  One of the most important things is the make up artist, (not just make up).  The make up artist has to combine his or her vision with the thoughts and concepts of the photographer while still conforming to the intent of the shoot.  If they can do this, and have a photographer as skilled as Jorge Ibanez, things always tend to look amazing.  This wild looking collection is impressive for lots of reasons, but I personally feel like a good chunk of the credit is due to the make up artists and hairstylists.

Make Up Artist: Valerie Pachur

Hair Stylists: Mariana Padilla

Models: Eva Pimentel, Mariana Sanchez, Sofimak Hernandez

Photographer: Jorge Ibanez

How To Make A Zombie.

The walking dead is one of my favorite shows on TV right now (since Entourage ended).  It’s just interesting to me to see how everyone involved can take a simple zombie movie premise and turn it into a full blown series.  For anyone who hasn’t seen it, it’s a damn good ongoing story that not just all about shooting the undead in the dome.  One of the things that never really grabbed my sense of curiosity was just how they made the zombies in the show.  But the make up designers for the show recently put up somewhat of a tutorial on how exactly they do it.  Check the method.

1. The “Walking Dead” makeup team fits actor Kevin Galbraith with a bald cap and accentuate his high cheekbones to make them look sunken.

2. Next, Galbraith is fitted with rotten-looking, custom-made dentures that can fit under a prosthesis.

3. A custom-made, foam latex prosthesis extends from Galbraith’s forehead to his neck.

4. Makeup artists Kevin Wasner (far left) and Jake Garber glue on individual body wounds. “We had to do his entire upper body. It took 45 minutes,” Nicotero says. Zombie blood is a mixture of Karo syrup, red and yellow food coloring and caramel, plus a drop of detergent so it soaks through clothing.

5. Garber next fits the greasy, sparse zombie wig to the bald cap.

6. Zombies have no time to shave so Wasner adds some stubble and some disgusting dried blood around Galbraith’s mouth. “It’s black sludge in their veins,” says Nicotero.7. The application of hand-painted white contact lenses is the final step of Galbraith’s transformation from working actor to frightening zombie. “The most inspiring part of what we’re doing is that you can have the same person sit in your chair 10 times and they won’t look like the same person when they walk out of the makeup trailer,” says Nicotero.

Rick Genest.

A while back, I had thrown up a post about the Mugler Mens Fall 2011 Campaign, and I was blown away by the creativity of their ads.  However, I was a bit misinformed about what I was actually seeing.  I was under the impression that the model in the photos was done up by make up artists to look the way he did for the pictures, but this isn’t the case.  The model in the photos is a man named Rick Genest, who’s gone through EXTENSIVE tattoo sessions to get the appearance he’s obtained.  After finding out about Mr. Genest’s amazing work, I found a few more shots of things he’s done for fashion magazines, and even a short video.