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The Past and Future of Baltimore Club Music.


Thump has just released a new video featuring DJ Technics where the Baltimore club don sits down with DJ Ayres to talk about the golden days of B’more.  It’s future, it’s past, and it’s effect on modern culture.  As a DJ who grew up listening to DMV area music (D.C., Maryland, Virginia), this is an interesting look into the music that some were never introduced to, and others will never forget.

Manta Resorts Underwater Hotel Room

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Situated off the eastern coast of Africa by Pemba Island, a private floating island at the Manta Resort provides guests with an all-inclusive hotel room submerged four meters below the surface of the ocean. Designed by swedish company Genberg Underwater Hotels, each of the three levels that make up the buoyant building has its own unique view: A rooftop terrace for sun bathing in the day and star gazing at night, a landing deck at sea level equipped with a lounge and restroom, and an underwater hotel room below surrounded by panes of glass for a 360 degree marine panorama. Throughout the day, guests of the resort can remain encapsulated in the submerged hotel room, floating amongst the turquoise blue water swimming with tropical life and coral reef. By night, sleep beside the fish – the bottom platform is illuminated with underwater spotlights beneath each window, attracting a variety rare marine creatures.

Hammock Chair by Benjamin Hubert

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British designer Benjamin Hubert has created “Cradle”, a unique blend of two typologies of seating, a net structured hammock and a conventional upholstered lounge chair. The chair’s aesthetic is purposefully architectural with a sharp rectilinear backrest contrasted with a softer seating area, breaking traditional rules of seating typology and styling. “Cradle” utilises a custom-made cut pattern that allows a non-elastic textile to perform in a three dimensional way. This allows for the correct tension to comfortably support the body and both visually and physically reduces the product’s weight .


Ong and Ong Pte’s Modern House in Singapore

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Designed by architects Ong & Ong Pte, this modern house in Singapore is meant to give you “a spatial experience that excites the senses by promoting light.” The architects sought to create a relationship between the metallic elements and subtle tones within the house by wrapping aluminum cladding in the air well. This air well divided the two sections of the house and became the perfect place for an indoor/outdoor swimming pool. The coolest part, of course, is that you can open up the glazed partitions of the house so that the first floor becomes one large living space. The ground floor, then, is not only a lounge and dinning area, it is an ideal place to relax and sit poolside, a place to sip margaritas and soak in the rays.

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Luxury Spanish Property by A-Cero Architects

A-cero specifically designed this luxury property to fit in within it`s surrounding environment, and to make full use of the exceptional weather that Spain is renowned for. They used large windows throughout, which allowed the main lounge area to be an open space leading to the landscape garden and swimming pool beyond. The property structure is based on two rectangular volumes, and within these feature clean finishes, high-quality materials and exclusive furniture and fittings which all combine to result in an exceptional living space.

Where The F*ck Do You Wanna Drink?

Click the pic to try it out.

Everyone knows about Yelp, Four Square, and any of the other typical means to find a good restaurant, bar, or meeting place.  But for those of us who just want to straight up get a drink as close as possible to where we’re standing that second… there’s “Where The F*ck Should I Go For”.  Quite a simple solution to finding a close by bar.  Simply put in your address, and you’ll be pointed to the nearest watering hole.  No separation by class, or price, or status, or type… just a direct line to where you can get your drink on.  Click the pic to try it out.

The Aston Martin Club.

I’m a huge Aston Martin enthusiast, so when I got a message that the world’s first Aston Martin Club Lounge has just opened its doors, I got excited. The club is located at The Prime Society in Singapore’s Dempsey Hill neighborhood.  Created by Ingrid Prasatya, the lounge features custom-made tables crafted out of authentic Aston Martin wheel-rims as well as large-format prints of different car models.  Specially mixed cocktails in martini glasses referencing Aston Martin are also named after the different cars.  Aston Martin Club Singapore members and the public have the added privilege of a specially-designed cache locker to safe-keep their belongings.  I wonder if they play “Aston Martin Music” there?

‘Hawaii West’ x DJ Storm

Recently, thanks to one of my newest favorite bartenders, I spoke with the owner of San Francisco’s ‘Hawaii West’ bar about producing a mix CD last week, and I’ve been laying the framework ever since. The tracks and mixes on the CD will reflect both the atmosphere of the bar, and the diverse tastes of some of the patrons. Due to other business obligations, I don’t have the same time frame as I did with ‘Cocktails & Condoms’, so I’m going to concentrate my efforts and blast this one out much quicker with the same quality as my other mixes which will be a challenge. So stay tuned for more details coming very soon.

‘Cocktails & Condoms’ for all on Friday the 13th

Flyer by: Reginald Sylvester

So its almost that time.  ‘Cocktails & Condoms’ is right around the corner.  Photoshoots, interviews, behind the scenes videos, preview parties, and 2 months of work in multiple cities all over the country will all culminate to ‘Cocktails & Condoms’ Release Party at Sutra Night Club in San Francisco on Friday, August 13th.  The event will be 21+, and is FREE before 11 p.m. and $20 for any guests afterwards, so make sure you show up early.