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Try A New Tri Lighting System.

triad_000 triad_00

With the advent of LED lights, we’re no longer restricted to the tube lights of yesteryear. Created by Jehremy Harris, the triangular Triad light was designed to explore alternatives and the result is a modern, modular system that can adapt to any space. It features an intermediate plug that acts as a sort of connector between two Triad modules. It is here that current is passed from one module to another and it also aids in holding modules together. Each unit features 3 possible connections, one on each so, so it can be endlessly expanded upon.

triad_01 triad_02 triad_03 triad_04 triad_05 triad_06 triad_07 triad_08

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The Next Generation of Uber-TV’s.


If you want an ultra-high-definition TV but can’t decide on a flat or curved screen, the SAMSUNG UN78S9B might be just the thing.  And that’s because its 78-inch screen goes from flat to concave curve, on command. Demonstrated for the first time at the 2014 International CES in January, the TV has gone from prototype party piece to actual product and will be going on sale in the company’s native South Korea on August 1.  The logic goes that curved-display TV screens, especially ones that boast four times the resolution of High Definition, offer a more immersive, cinematic experience — so great for watching movies and for gaming.  However, some things, like using smart TV apps or checking the weather or watching the news might be better on a flat screen.  The past several weeks have been very busy for Samsung’s TV business.  At the end of June it launched three new ranges of flat UHDTVs, including the frankly gigantic 105-inch curved screen UN105S9 UHD TV with its equally colossal $120,000 price tag.  There is currently no word as to how much Samsung’s bendable television will cost, or when it will be offered for sale beyond South Korea.

Höweler + Yoon’s Swing Time Illuminates Boston Park

howeler-+-yoon-architecture-swing-time-designboom06 howeler-+-yoon-architecture-swing-time-designboom03 howeler-+-yoon-architecture-swing-time-designboom01 howeler-+-yoon-architecture-swing-time-designboom05 howeler-+-yoon-architecture-swing-time-designboom02 howeler-+-yoon-architecture-swing-time-designboom04

‘Swing time’ by höweler + yoon architecture is an interactive playscape composed of 20 illuminated ring-shaped swings. Designed in three different sizes, the welded polypropylene swings enable users to engage, exercise and play as individuals or in groups. The installation activates the temporary urban park and creates a community area between the Boston convention, exhibition center and D street. LED lighting within the swings are regulated by custom micro-controllers that signal their activity levels. This happens thanks to the internal accelerometer that measures the forces of the swing. This means when they are static, they emit a soft, white light and a switching one from white to purple when in motion. These responsive play elements invite users to interact with each other and create more of a community at the Boston park.


The Ring Wearable Input Device

The-Ring-Wearable-Input-Device-1 The-Ring-Wearable-Input-Device-2 The-Ring-Wearable-Input-Device-3 The-Ring-Wearable-Input-Device-4 The-Ring-Wearable-Input-Device-5

Ring is stuffed with smart sensors that give the wearer the ability to turn on a TV, use gesture control to type in midair, complete financial transactions, or receive incoming alerts with its built-in vibration and LED. You can also configure your own custom gestures using the companion app. It pairs with compatible Bluetooth 4.0 devices or to any Wi-Fi or IR capable device via a hub accessory. Right now, the Ring is compatible with iOS and Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0 support.

The LED Unisex Touchscreen Watch.


You’re known for your stylish fashion sense and enjoy donning pieces that are eye-catching and thought-provoking. That’s why this Unisex Touchscreen Watch with LED Dots is perfect for you. At first glance, it’s like something out of another dimension—this watch is just plain cool. When you tap the center and watch the LED lights spiral to the correct time, you’ll be checking in every few seconds to experience its utter coolness. It will make a wonderful gift for any sci-fi fan or anyone who loves unique watches this holiday season.

The Pixels Crossing Sensory Tunnel By Miguel Chevalier

img_2_1377871758_2d4aa4f026a43a103a6a40b50e7a7ce9 img_3_1377871758_58fa7256d1b78d584eed110d087f9481 img_4_1377871758_a2eac5937aa4d616e07d9ddd27708e8b

Using LED technology ‘the pixels crossing’ by french designer miguel chevalier is a sensory artwork completed in collaboration with traffic and sound composer Michel Redolfi. Installed inside the temporary tunnel, connecting the Forum des Halles and the Place Carrée in Paris, the light piece features successive, multicolored graphical scenes that harmoniously follow to a musical rhythm. A cadenced wave pattern of sound palpitates from the walls with light diffracting within the alveolar polycarbonate panels. Spanning along the 40m tunnel, the 4m high sensory artwork enriches pedestrian’s experience as they walk along the transit route transforming a regular tunnel into a magical and contemporary passage.

img_5_1377871758_40a1ada835f66cc124bf944868bd48f6 img_6_1377871758_e3b05040664d5bd623fa68b0f24e8c92 img_7_1377871758_68ea6e7e950f2aa5394d743b24eda15d img_1_1377871758_b259daa9f084f2aee6fdbd51a7541e89

Nimba LED Suspension Light by Antoni Arola

ylighting_2249_218876138-600x600 m-santa-cole-nimba-90-led-suspension-light-modern
A delicate, floating circle of light, the Nimba 90 LED Suspension Light combines simplicity with advanced technology and high-efficiency. A stainless steel ring is illuminated by a series of LEDs, softened by a white inner diffuser. Suspended from a satin nickel canopy by subtle, nearly invisible cable, the Nimba seems to levitate just below the ceiling.

79_Nimba_pedant_light_modern nimba-env-2

FOTON Solar-Powered illuminating Furniture

Foton illuminating street furniture is a project by Turkish company Hanmak. The main purpose of this furniture is to create awareness about renewable energy. LED lighting system uses the solar and wind energy to produce electricity and stores it in the battery. The furniture itself is made of high quality and long-lasting material.

Victorinox Night Vision Watch

A Swiss styled stainless steel quartz watch for those who wish to have an adventurous look with executive personality, Victorinox Night Vision Watch is designed to light up the night vision with just a push button. That’s not all: pushing the control button 3 times, activates the emergency strobe mode therefore, flashing quickly for up to seven days. Another LED is available in the front to illuminate the face of the watch. The Swiss made stainless steel watch is entirely scratch resistant, triple coated anti-reflective sapphire crystal providing an unassuming experience.

2 Seamless Kitchens by Karim

The Kook Kitchen’s [in the pictures above]  exclusive concept is distinguished by sinuous silhouettes and an entirely innovative ergonomic design, which was made possible due to the unique properties of HI-MACS which proved essential to facilitate the shape and functional requirements of the fab kitchen. The worktop used in the Kook model, which is more than 90 cm deep, allows an improved layout of the hob and sink zones, as well as making it more user-friendly. The starring role of the ambitious project by Karim Rashid, aside from the latest-generation acrylic stone, is light, with LEDs arranged underneath the worktop, which highlight the magenta coloured aluminium groove. There are also LEDs inside the wall unit which illuminate the edge of the glass, giving the kitchen a dramatic appearance.

Karan Kitchen [in the pictures above] concept on the other hand, is based on an island, with a tapered silhouette, which encourages conviviality. When not in use, the mixer tap and LED light withdraw into the worktop. The simple addition of a multi-purpose chopping board which fits over the sink creates a handy dining area. Soft curves continue on the kitchen’s wall-mounted unit. An opening with rounded edges provides a space for cooking and food preparation within the unit. Owing to the excellent thermoformability properties of HI-MACS, which make it possible to form the material into an infinite range of shapes, and realise any designer’s dream. Aran Cucine was able to produce, thanks to Karim Rashid’s visionary idea, two exclusive concepts featuring a soft and fluid design, of extraordinary beauty, whilst still adhering to hygiene and production issues.

The Heart Beat Watch.

How healthy is your heart? Well even if you hate amazing beats, and even if you’ve got some sort of terrible heart condition, you can glance with glee at this fabulous watch by Seahope: the “Heart Beat Watch” It’s got so many LED lights on it you wont know what to do with yourself. Perhaps tell the watch where to start? You’ve got LEDs spiking in all the right places. Your heart will soon be prone to swoon over it.  The series of LED lights on this watch are meant to mimic an EKG spiking right at the right time. There is no real electrocardiogram system on this watch, but father time might know where his heart is when you’ve got it on your wrist. One minute is then shown on the sub LED screen below.

Two modes can be chosen.

1. Normal LED watch mode, which lights up on your command, only for a moment so as to save power.

2. Always on, which of course is for when you want to constantly stare at the time all day, which is approximately the amount of time the watch stays charged if you run it non-stop.

And, AND, you know how most watches, when they run out of power, you’ve got to buy a whole new battery for? Not this one. This one charges via USB.

Bright Woods, The LED Stool Collection.

Unique and eye-catching, Bright Woods’ collection of illuminated chairs and coffee tables are sure to capture your attention with their engaging glow. I discovered this dope collection of furniture at Milan Design Week, and we’re enamored with the unique aesthetic that’s equal parts alien nation and woodland tranquility. These radiant pieces, made from wood and natural resin strips, were designed by Giancarlo Zema for the Avanzini Group and are currently on display at the Design in Nature exhibition in the Triennale Design Museum as part of the Milan Furniture Fair.

The Crystal LED Watch.

Inspired by Swarovsky Signity watches, this timepiece by designer Ilya Yakovlev features a surface made from real crystals backlit by LEDs. You can increase the luminosity and change colors to suit your mood. Is it real? In the mind of Yakovlev yes. Is it expensive? I’m gonna hedge my bet and say hell yeah.

Skateboard Safety.

I appreciate that I live in a city where half the people would rather ride their bike, roller-blade, or skateboard than drive a car… but I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve seen people (that I know) almost get run over.  Especially at night. Sure bikes have lights and reflectors but what about skateboards and longboards? Introducing the HAL Longboard Light.  HAL attaches to the underside of the skateboard or longboard between the truck and deck to signal the rider’s presence.

How Do You Spray-Paint Light?

French designer Aissa Logerot has developed ‘halo’ an LED light spray.  Instead of spraying paint it has an LED that sprays light. not only can the LED’s brightness be altered, but the colors are interchangeable.  If the light doesn’t have enough battery, users simply have to shake it to have energy again.  It’s one of the sickest photography tools I’ve seen in quite some time.

The Cube.

Instructables members ‘Chr and Chiller’ created this nifty dynamic LED cube; in a wonderfully soundtracked YouTube video, they make the convincing case that you really want an 8×8×8 LED cube and why don’t you have one, there’s so much cool stuff you could do with it. Fortunately, being Instructables members, they have put together a handy guide for making one yourself.  My question is how much time and code something as complex as an 8x8x8 cube would take to program, and once you got that down, then how the hell would you attack more detailed cubes like the one below designed by Night Works.

Flex Phone.

Phones are being used for so much more than just making calls these days: from texting to playing games to watching movies and listening to music. But for the most part, the mobile phone retains its traditional shape and functionality. Is it time to shake up the world of mobile phone design with a phone so radically different that it’s hardly recognizable as a phone? According to Brazilian designer Dinard da Mata, the next generation of mobile phone should be easily able to flow from one function to the next while remaining utterly gorgeous in the process.

Da Mata calls the design “Fluid” and gave it a (conceptual) Philips branding. The phone’s multi-tasking functionality isn’t all that’s fluid about it: its shape also allows it to morph from bracelet to phone to gaming system easily – and then back again over and over. Wearing the gadget on a wrist allows the user to stop worrying about whether his or her phone made it back into the purse or pocket where it belongs: the weight of the gadget on the wrist is enough to reassure its owner that it hasn’t been misplaced.

The secret to the Philips Fluid’s flexibility – both literal and figurative – lies in its flexible OLED display that spans nearly the entirety of the phone’s length. The display changes based on what you want it to do at the moment. When you want to make a call, a numeric keypad appears. When you want to play a game, gaming controls manifest. And when you need to search for the perfect application, your “home” screen displays all of your icons neatly.