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London Property with Dark Atmospheric Interiors through Texture And Metallics

London-based architecture and luxury interior design practice Lawson Robb have completed the Dark Atmospheric Interiors project. Completed in 2012, the luxurious property can be found just off Berkeley Square in London, United Kingdom.

The fundamental principle for successfully creating an atmospheric interior for a room that has a dark colour scheme is to incorporate texture and pattern which brings depth, flavour and character to your overall scheme. Combining and layering contrasting textures is integral to designing an interior that will not appear flat and void of visual interest. A lack of layers can lead to an impersonal, unwelcoming space like in thiscontemporary London property. Contrast within textural differences ensures a powerful impact. By using a combination of different textures on walls and in fabrics you can make an interior with one dark palette interesting and dynamic rather than employing flat color. Layering similar tones across different mediums makes a space feel bigger. Lawson Robb often use specialist wall finishes and hand crafted wallpaper to inject vibrancy within a dark room, often with architectural metal finishes and metal coatings using cold sprayed metal. Pairing metallic elements within a dark scheme adds a sophisticated depth – hammered bronze metal cladding for the doors and mirror frames, polished plaster and metallic particles in paint finishes are all evident within the scheme. Lacquer finishes and unusual textures, such as, shagreen wallpaper, hand trawled wall finishes, grass wallpaper and snake skin are perfect to add vibrant intense touches of interest.