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Top 10 Ridiculous Science Experiments You Can Do At Home.


From time to time we enjoy posting some of the latest happenings in science on this blog, but it has come to our attention that a particular little future female scientists wanted some simpler things to read. Most of the science stuff is rather adult, but brining home-style science to younger readers is “elementary”… so here are 10 top home made science experiments that young ones can do at home.


Jason Lee And The Girls.

Jason Lee. A wedding photographer by heart, who is tasked with the duty of capturing a person’s most important moment of his life. It seems Jason keeps that task very close to him when with family too.  Jason’s charming and interesting photography of his children make everyday tasks performed by a child seem so much more interesting. Not only that, but Jason captures the important moments in their life through a more different method, with a different style.  These two little girls are totally adorable, and look even more so thanks to Jason Lee and his amazing photography.