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Santa Parkour


Santa Claus will be delivering gifts to children around the world this Christmas on a sleigh guided by reindeer but, in the meantime, one of his U.S. helpers is showing what would happen if jolly ol’ St. Nick went extreme. Ronnie Shalvis, a free-runner, stunt coordinator and parkour trainer from South Jordan, Utah, dressed up in a Santa suit and went to leaps and bounds, literally, to show how Santa Claus gets from roof to roof. Shalvis’ version of Santa travels by parkour, a running discipline that involves jumping, climbing and rolling anywhere and everywhere, making the landscape, in this case rooftops, a personal obstacle course.

Best Wins of 2013


Here is a collection of great wins of being able to perform a trick or to do something amazing while have the time of their life. From skate boarding, snowboarding, surfing, jumping or something else this video shows how talented people are if they try.

Marina Bay Sands Casino Infinity Pool and Base Jumping


What could make the view from the infinity pool atop the Marina Bay Sands casino, soaring some 55 stories above Singapore, even more surreal? Human bodies jumping off of the roof behind you. Singapore have indicated the city-state is not synonymous with taking bold risks, which is perhaps why a stunt-spectacle like base jumping was chosen to promote the casino. Click on the picture above to watch the video.

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2013 World of Red Bull Commercial


Red Bull has a rich history of giving wings to creative and talented individuals in sports and culture, by enabling them to challenge limits and do what was once deemed impossible. Explore the inspiration behind some of our athletes as they continually push boundaries and enter uncharted territories.

Dual Snowboards

This snowboard is cut in the half making two boards for both feet. It is not just unusual and funny things but also it gives new possibilities for turning, jumping, sliding freely and the freedom to walk and maneuver like a normal human. Check out the video.

Extreme Bagjumping?

There are certain things that I would do without hesitation, and certain things I wouldn’t… Flying in a small airplane, absolutely not, swimming with sharks… why not?  Flying when I know there will be turbulance… not willingly, flying through the air into a giant inflated bag… lets do it.  The Bag-Jump Freedrop Extreme is essentially just jumping from high heights onto a large bag also known simply as bag jumping. The video below involves a professional jumper (in this case Daniel Mosi) from demonstrating his ability of jumping back flip stunts and diving tricks from extreme 30m heights onto a large air bag. All filmed with Gopro hero’s camera’s at Melbourne Grand Prix.  Check the method.  Looks like fun.