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Guilty Mega Yacht By Jeff Koons

Guilty-Mega-Yacht-By-Jeff-Koons-1 Guilty-Mega-Yacht-By-Jeff-Koons-2 Guilty-Mega-Yacht-By-Jeff-Koons-3 Guilty-Mega-Yacht-By-Jeff-Koons-4 Guilty-Mega-Yacht-By-Jeff-Koons-5 Guilty-Mega-Yacht-By-Jeff-Koons-6

Greek Cypriot industrialist and art collector Dakis Joannou who green-lighted American artist Jeff Koons and Italian yacht designer Ivana Porfiri to create for him this mega yacht, ’Guilty.’ The stunning looks and amenities of this 115-feet long ship, inspired by the naval camouflage used by Britain during World War I, Guilty’s yellow rhombuses, pink triangles and blue polygons become even more amazing when reflected off the water. Onboard there are 180-degree views of the envious and awestruck rest of the world, along with plenty of bedrooms filled with museum-worthy works of art.

Guilty-Mega-Yacht-By-Jeff-Koons-7 Guilty-Mega-Yacht-By-Jeff-Koons-8 Guilty-Mega-Yacht-By-Jeff-Koons-9 Guilty-Mega-Yacht-By-Jeff-Koons-10

Jeff Koons & Dom Pérignon Limited Edition Bottle


American artist Jeff Koons has teamed up with champagne label Dom Pérignon for a limited-edition rosé package that is set to retail for $20,000. The champagne is a 2003 vintage which, according to cellar master Richard Geoffroy is “as bold, as provocative…as full bodied, intense, sensuous as can be.” The bottle coincide’s with Koons’ show at the Gagosian’s West 24th Street location in New York and will come accompanied by a miniature version of the fuchsia Venus of Willendorf sculpture. Speaking about the collab, Koons said: “I don’t do very many product associations…But you know Dom Pérignon is a fantastic brand, a wonderful Champagne. Champagne is used on many occasions for celebrating.”

Dom-Perignon-x-Jeff-Koons-Champagne-2 Dom-Perignon-x-Jeff-Koons-Champagne-1