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Don’t Be Afraid To Fall. Duckwrth Is Back.

“Fall Back” may be one of Duckwrth’s finest productions yet.  Before I expand, take a listen to the song below.

Duckwrth as successfully don’t a feature with HIMSELF.  Over an aggressive beat produced by ‘Two Fresh Beats”, the song seems as if features multiple artists based on the pitch and tone of his bars.  But his aggressive nature, and smooth tones in the same song are quite unique, It engages the listener in a way that Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” and Kendrick Lamar’s “Mad City” do as well.  Take a listen to it above.

Hawkridge & Wolfthorn.


Old Spice has been coming up with some pretty good ads for the last few years now.  From Terry Crews, to ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’, if nothing else, Old Spice ads are quite memorable.  For they’re newest two fragrances they’re come up with some new, but equally ridiculous commercials which fans of their older ads are sure to love.  Check the method below.

(This one’s for you Jared)
(This one’s for you Reg)

Tokyo 24 – Aeonian Complex EP.

Click the pic to listen.

The group Tokyo 24 has been compared to the likes of Theophilus London, N.E.R.D., and Kanye West, all without having released either an EP, or LP.  But the hype has been building when the group announced their first EP project Aeonian Complex.  (I’ve even posted a few of the preliminary ads on the blog last week) And finally the finished product is out on the web for fans and new finders alike to listen to and enjoy.  Click the pic to hear ‘Aeonian Complex’.

The ‘Aeonian Complex’.

Click the pic to read more.

With all the incredible music that’s been dropping all this summer, it’s no surprise that Tokyo 24 would be next up to release an incredible collection.  The duo of Duckworth & BeatStreets will be releasing the “Aeonian Complex” EP on August 11th, click the pic to see more about the project.

Rosary Boys


Click the pic to whiteness greatness.

I haven’t really gotten into jewlery too much on this Blog, but after seeing RB, that might all change. Rosary Boys is a collection of jewelry designed with the efforts of unification. Every piece comes with a positive message, phrase, or word. It’s also “Compilation Jewelry”. Every month Rosary Boys works with an artist, store or apparel company in collaborative efforts to create a jewelry piece with a once in a lifetime feel. Check in to their website every month to see new collaborations. NOT A NAME BRAND, JUST A VISION. And allow me to correct my previous statement… If all jewelry was as unique as Rosary Boys, I’d feature jewelry a lot more often.