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Jadakiss’s Miami Birthday Bash.

Check out the massive birthday celebration of the East Coast star Jadakiss.  One of the best lyricist out of N.Y. flew down to MIA to celebrate his big day at Bamboo.  The video essentially runs just like a music video, but the event seems like quite the party none the less.  Keep your eyes peeled for appearances from Wale, Flo-Rida, and a few others.  Check the method.

2 Chainz ft. Jadakiss – One Day At A Time (Official Video).

Check out the latest from rapper 2 Chainz featuring Jadakiss, titled ‘One Day At A Time’, directed by none other than Jim Jones.

Behind The Scenes: Young Jeezy ft. Fabolous & Jadakiss – OJ.

Like I’ve said many a time, behind-the-scenes stuff is infinitely intriguing to me.  No matter who it is, seeing the creative process behind any song, video, production, or show is something many don’t get to witness.  Check out Young Jeezy, Fabolous, and Jada on the set of the video for ‘OJ’.

Anishya Sue Reyes.

Anishya Sue Reyes hails from Dorado, Puerto Rico and currently resides in Orlando.  This very outgoing, optimistic, open minded fun model is finishing off school, majoring in Psychology, and plans to move to Miami (then Spain).  She’s worked with companies like Budweiser, Swisher Sweets,DonQ rum, HIN, Dub for promotional gigs.  She also boasts a very impressive video resume, appearing with artist such as Baby Rasta y Gringo, Treal, Dj Prostyle, Jadakiss, Pitbull etc.  Check her out.

‘Welcome To My Hood’ – Official Remix Video.

During the Lil Wayne ‘I Am Still Music’ concert I attended on Easter, Weezy stopped the show and told the crowd to throw their hands up if they were raised in the hood, and I had to keep it real, be honest, and keep quiet… until my assistant started screaming, (at which point I had to break my silence tell her to shut up, because she wasn’t raised in the hood either).  But regardless of my upbringing, I still thoroughly enjoy DJ Khaled’s song ‘Welcome To My Hood”, and hearing his fully loaded remix is dope, but the video is even doper, check the method below.

Maino ft. Swizz Beatz, Jim Jones, Joell Ortiz, & Jadakiss – We Keep It Rockin.

Click the pic to listen. (Courtesy of HHG)

Everyone loves an artist who knows how to have fun, and Maino has proved it again, on his latest release “We Keep it Rockin”.  The song showcases a crazy New York line up featuring Swizz Beatz, Jim Jones, Joell Ortiz, and Jadakiss spitting over a re-imagining of Tupac’s ‘California Love’.  Click the pic to take a listen.

DJ Storm Presents: Jadakiss, Ludacris, & Eminem ft. Asher Roth, Queen, & The Cool Kids – Ridaz


Click here to download

Many people in the Tri-State area are familiar with the collection I released in 09′ titled “The Mix Up”.  It was basically an attempt to merge old-school/underground beats with mainstream lyrics.  Mashing up artists that have never worked together, and changing the context of verses to create new meanings was my main challenge throughout the entire process.  One of my close friends recently heard the track “Ridaz” and has since threatened not to leave my condo until I put it on my blog.  lol.  So here for the (re)consideration of the fans is the song.  You can click here to hear the entire “Mix Up” collection, but click the picture above to download “Ridaz”.  And don’t forget, ‘Being a gangsta is like riding a bike, because once you learn, you never forget.

Dat Carlo P.

Every once in a while I get the urge to collab with another artist on music, graphic design, or any other project that catches my interest.  This time I thought I’d take it out of the box a bit, and just collab with a casual friend of mine.  A few weeks ago I had my homeboy Carlo Palencia drop me a list of some of his favorite jams, from Hip Hop to House, and I would take them and mash them up.  The mix starts with some good Hip Hop from Jadakiss, and continues into tracks featuring Lil Wayne, Fabolous, Ludacris, and T-Pain.  Along a slpash of dancehall, the second half of the mix is layered with the surly bass of various house tracks, and not only showcases Carlo’s vastly broad taste in music, but displays a wide variety of music in a simple 16 minutes.  If you might be interested in shooting me a list of songs you’d like to hear mashed up club style, just hit me up, and we can work something out.  Click the pic below to download “Dat Carlo. P”

Click the pic to download.