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The Native Union CLIC Marble iPhone 6 Case.

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Synonymous with classical beauty and timeless style, marble has been the epitome of luxurious sophistication for millennia. Reinventing this ancient material for the modern lifestyle, the world’s first real marble smartphone case. Available in Black Marquina and featuring a slice of marble as thin as a credit card, the CLIC Marble iPhone case offers the perfect balance between elegance, strength and durability.  If you’re interested in picking one up, click here.

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Batmobile Tumbler IPhone 5 Protective Case


This time around, DC Comics has decided to license the beloved Batmobile to Crazy Case for this Batmobile Tumbler iPhone 5 Protective Case. This highly detailed case is equipped with 6 LED lights, two of which will notify you of an incoming call (great for keeping your phone on silent), and it even comes with a built-in Bat signal. Just hit the button, and out comes a crystal clear projection of the Bat signal.

Batmobile-Tumbler-iPhone-5-Protective-Case-2 Batmobile-Tumbler-iPhone-5-Protective-Case-03 Batmobile-Tumbler-iPhone-5-Protective-Case-04 Batmobile-Tumbler-iPhone-5-Protective-Case-6

TaskOne Multi-tool iPhone Case

Taskone is a profoundly crafted Multi-tool iPhone Case housing number of tool to make your life easier. Its a sophisticated case packing a set of 16 tools inside the  including knife, sawblade, screwdrivers, needle nose pliers, wire cutter, 6 metric Allen wrenches. Made with two cores, one of lightweight aircraft aluminum and the other of strong polycarbonate. TaskOne fits in with iPhone 4/4S and 5.

The De Bethune Dream Watch IV iPhone Case.

De Bethune has released the Dream Watch IV, an iPhone 4S case that features a mechanical clock as well as protection for your phone… and your brain.  Clearly inspired by the unique piece made for Only Watch 2011 (below), the pocket watch face is made from blued titanium with gold and diamond stars.  The Dream Watch IV also provides electromagnetic protection for the user by reducing the physiological impact of its potentially damaging waves.

The Dream Watch IV follows De Bethune’s launch of the DBM (pictured below), a crocodile cell phone case fitted with a traditional two-hand timepiece.  Limited to just 12 pieces, the Dream Watch IV will be officially unveiled at the De Bethune exhibition to be held in Geneva from January 15-20, 2012, during the SIHH.