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Marvel Superhero Zombies

Marvel-Superhero-Zombies-6 Marvel-Superhero-Zombies-5 Marvel-Superhero-Zombies-4 Marvel-Superhero-Zombies-1 Marvel-Superhero-Zombies-2 Marvel-Superhero-Zombies-3

Designer Santlov used his own imagination to create a series of just that; Marvel superheroes that had been turned into flesh eating zombies. The set features a handful of different characters including Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and even X-Men member Wolverine.


Marc And Louis

MarcLouis00-580x323 MarcLouis02-580x435 MarcLouis04-580x436 MarcLouis01 MarcLouis06 MarcLouis08

Marc & Louis is a team of professional photographers around the austrian fashion photographer Marie-Louise Cadosch. They are largely inspired by the american cinema. These photographers are very creative and colorful and describes themselves as the ambassadors of art which fuels the imagination.

MarcLouis13 MarcLouis11 MarcLouis15 MarcLouis17 MarcLouis25 MarcLouis20 MarcLouis22 MarcLouis24 MarcLouis27

Daan Roosegaarde’s Lotus Flower

lotus-dome-jerusalem-cave-daan-roosegaard-designboom00 lotus-dome-jerusalem-cave-daan-roosegaard-designboom01 lotus-dome-jerusalem-cave-daan-roosegaard-designboom02 lotus-dome-jerusalem-cave-daan-roosegaard-designboom03 lotus-dome-jerusalem-cave-daan-roosegaard-designboom04 lotus-dome-jerusalem-cave-daan-roosegaard-designboom05 lotus-dome-jerusalem-cave-daan-roosegaard-designboom06

Daan Roosegaarde has been invited to speak at some of the biggest creative conferences globally, bringing his distinct brand of responsive and interactive design systems to such events as design Indaba 2013 in cape town where he shared his thoughts on the future of design, and elaborated on his practice of ‘techno-poetry’–the union of innovation and imagination in a merging of disciplines. His artistic practice focuses the intangibility of digital information, translating it into something that is physical through the development of interactive installations which react to our behaviors and movements.

lotus-dome-jerusalem-cave-daan-roosegaard-designboom07 lotus-dome-jerusalem-cave-daan-roosegaard-designboom08 lotus-dome-jerusalem-cave-daan-roosegaard-designboom09 lotus-dome-jerusalem-cave-daan-roosegaard-designboom10 dan-roosegaarde-lotus-flower-dome-designboom-13 lotus-dome-jerusalem-cave-daan-roosegaard-designboom12 lotus-dome-jerusalem-cave-daan-roosegaard-designboom13 dan-roosegaarde-lotus-flower-dome-designboom-12 dan-roosegaarde-lotus-flower-dome-designboom-10

Fascinating Manipulations by Christophe Huet

Take a look at fascinating images created by genius Photoshop retouch master from France, Christophe Huet. He is the one who creates the famous advertising for Playstation, Nike, Motorola, Surfrider Foundation, etc. His work is a perfect fusion between old-school photography and digital created composites. Somehow, he melts the thin barrier between reality and his own tortured imagination resulting in viscerally surreal images.

Children’s Drawings Re-Imagined.

Children have incredible imaginations.  By best friend’s daughter Kayla has said some the wildest thing ever in life, and some of the pictures she’s shown me from school are… bewildering.  Butwhat would a child’s drawing look like if it were painted realistically? The Monster Engine takes children’s drawings and paints them realistically.  This project is probably one of my favorite spins on art I’ve seen in a while.  Check the method below.

The Bombay Sapphire Imagination Installation.

Bombay Sapphire has launched a global campaign called ‘Infused With Imagination’ that pays tribute to the heritage and the origin of the luxury spirits brand.  The artwork was created by a group of designers, led by Darren Simpson, and is formed through a series of illustrated panels decorated with a total of 75,000 crystals.  Illustrator Yehrin Tong was inspired by the definition of infused to create a dream-like image that “feels like an organic mixture of images both natural and mythical”.  The work was installed in a disused church. Panels were positioned to appear as though they were spilling out of the top of a bottle of Bombay Sapphire, if viewed from the right perspective.  Photographs of the installation will be used for print, outdoor and digital ads and a film about its creation will be seeded online and shown in cinemas.