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She Has Waited Too Long.

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While just randomly scouring the internet for anything interesting, Ever Magazine in France had an article titled “She Has Waited Too Long” that caught my eye.  Most photos that show off dresses, are merely some nicely made up woman, either cropped from the head up, or contorted into some oddly unusual but artsy position, but when I saw odel Clémentine Levy, something was obviously different.  Levy teamed up with make up artist MademoiselleMu for a unique and stylish take on the dress portrait.  The make up accentuates the look, and emphasizes the dresses, but is outside-of-the-box enough to catch anyone’s eye.  Check the method.
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Exploded Views of Classic Sports Cars by Fabian Oefner


Swiss artist Fabian Oefner is the best known for capturing moments in time typically invisible to the human eye. This time he represents two new series of his trademark work at MB&F M.A.D. gallery. Both projects, “Disintegrating” and “Hatch” are carefully and meticulously handcrafted images of classic sports cars, exploded, dissembled and dismantled in space. “What looks like a car falling apart is in fact a moment in time that has been created artificially by blending hundreds of individual images together. There is a unique pleasure about artificially building a moment…freezing a moment in time is stupefying”, Oefner explains.

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Stunning Optical Illusions With Makeup


A new project from photographer Alexander Khokhlov is prompting double takes and pushing portraiture in a new direction. The Moscow-based artist’s latest series, dubbed “2D or not 2D,” uses heavy makeup and post-production techniques to transform human faces into seemingly two-dimensional images. “We tried to make ‘alive posters,’” said Alexander Khokhlov. “It’s challenging to make people look like a poster while at the same time not very digitized.” He was working with makeup artist Valeriya Kutsan, and his wife, Veronica, whom he also describes as his muse.

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Honest Slogans

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Have you ever wished popular brands would use taglines that were a little more revealing? Honest Slogans is a Tumblr that remixes famous logos with tag lines that reflect what people really think of the brand. A project by graphic designer Clif Dickens, Honest Slogans will make you chuckle every time because, well, we all know these revised taglines tell the truth.

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Optical Illusions by Ray-Ban


Classic eyewear label Ray-Ban have worked alongside optical illusion masters Brusspup to promote their Clubmaster line of sunglasses through an anamorphic illusion video. An anamorphic illusion is made with images of objects which have skewed perspectives, making them look normal from a particular angle.

PINCH Martin Tremblay – Human Typography

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Martin Tremblay is a photographer from Montreal, Canada. Also known under the name of Pinch, he shoots fashion, cultural and advertising images. Today we’re featuring a serie where he used human bodies to create a typography. The alphabet with aesthetic and truth seen through the eye of a true artist.

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CG Robogirl And Guy Concepts

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Here are a slew of concept images and stills from a music video Samuel Conlogue worked on for Timo Maas & Brian Molko with the guys at Sitcom Soldiers.

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Cinemagraphs by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg

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Check out these beautiful and life-like animated images from Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, you will surely like these cinemagraphs.

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Inspiring High Speed Photography

A high speed photo is a image captured at an amazingly quick shutter speed. These images capture scenes which are often too quick for the eye to have seen. This phenomena makes them very popular, and leads to photographers spending countless hours trying to get the perfect image. You can shoot a high speed photo using almost any SLR camera, though more expensive cameras can often reach faster shutter speeds. Budget and compact cameras are likely to struggle with capturing action at such a fast speed. These images freeze time, and allow us to observe scenes that the naked eye would struggle to capture. It’s definitely worth a look.

Fascinating Manipulations by Christophe Huet

Take a look at fascinating images created by genius Photoshop retouch master from France, Christophe Huet. He is the one who creates the famous advertising for Playstation, Nike, Motorola, Surfrider Foundation, etc. His work is a perfect fusion between old-school photography and digital created composites. Somehow, he melts the thin barrier between reality and his own tortured imagination resulting in viscerally surreal images.

Hengki Koentjoro – Misty For Me.

Take a look at some of these amazing images from Hengki Koentjoro, in a gallery titled “Play Misty For Me”.

iPhone’s 3D Photo Application.

Created by app designer Maybe It’s The Lighting, Stilla is a new iPhone photography app that allows users to transform photographs into striking multi-dimensional images.  By simply taking two, three or more shots, the application remembers the orientation of the camera and overlays the images at angles to fill in the space between, creating a clever, interactive, three dimensional effect. Stills and grabs don’t really do the effect justice, but the following video gives more of a feel for the effect.

Like other photo apps on the market, Stilla images can be shared on social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, or via email. Web viewing works best with the latest versions of Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Because the app relies on the gyroscope of later Apple devices to measure the orientation of the camera as photos were taken, the app is only compatible with iPhone 4, 4S, 4th generation iPod touch and iPad 2 or later.

Fab Ciraolo Pop Culture Illustrations.

Fab Ciraolo was born in October 8th of 1980 in Santiago, Chile.  He studied Graphic Design and Illustration and is currently a Freelance Illustrator and painter in his free time, In a constant search for new techniques, he is working in hand made illustrations with digital coloring, texture, and patterns works.  The process of creating one of his magnificent portraits consists of processing photos and adding different patterns, collage images and textures… and a little bit of vintage good taste.

‘Bêtes de Mode’: Fashion vs. Animals.

For this series titled “Bêtes de mode” (Fashion Animals) by HELMO, blue portraits and red animal portraits are superimposed then and displayed in the windows of the Lafayette Galleries on Hausmann Boulevard. A system of colored gels colored blue and red on the panes makes it possible to see the portrait mode sometimes, and sometimes the animal portrait. For this installation, the optical system of the gelatines of color was replaced by projection lights, – red and blue. The images are fairly large in scale (5×8 meters)… Check the method.

Anti-Smoking Campaigns.

ALRIGHT, lets get down to me shooting myself in the foot.  For anyone who knows me personally, and my battle with cigarettes, I’m sure I’ll come under a bit of fire for posting this.  (But who cares).  Regardless of the criticism, I think all the ads in the anti-smoking collection are very well thought out, and extremely attention grabbing.  Some of the images in the collection caused a bit of controversy due to the images, but to be 100% honest, graphic and shocking is what someone needs when starting down the road to quitting.

The Nike 6.0 2012 Spring Collection.

FINALLY I’m on time with the game when it comes to the release of a shoe collection.  All too often on this blog I’ll find some dope shoes, and either someone on my staff or one of my close friends will gently pull me aside and say “Storm… those are old as HELL.  Everyone has already seen those.”  So when I caught a glimpse of Nike 6.0’s upcoming Spring 2012 footwear collection I danced a little.  Evolving many of its signature pro models via updated colorways and redesigned construction and some new iterations of the Paul Rodriguez V, Mogan Mid 2 SE and the Encore 2, the models incorporate the use of the new Nike Lunarlon cushioning system with an installment of silhouettes including the Braata LR and Zoom LeShot LR. Overall the arrangement maintains a minimally chromatic palette, avoiding overused patterns or textures, but I still find the entire collection quite dope.

Water Droplet Photos.

These incredible images are little drops of magic, capturing iconic images within a single droplet of water is something photographer Markus Reugels spends hundreds of hours painstakingly trying to capture.  Mr Reugels, from Schweinfurt, Germany, can spend weeks agonising over snapping the image just at the right moment… but the results are stunning.  In one of his images, an image of the earth from space sits neatly inside the water droplet.  In another, the moon is brought into focus by a single drop of water, the flat image of the background distorted into a spherical result that appears uncannily true to life.  Check the method below.

These creators of these amazing photos.

The Artwork of Pacman 23.

Having gone to art school, I’m no newbie when it comes to sketchbooks, and the wonders people have hidden inside of them.  I’ve seen people in classes that draw and paint the most eloquent classical drawings, (like the Mona Lisa) and come home and have a sketchbook with the most rawkus, insane graffiti imaginable. A sketchbook is like a diary in the sense that it’s what’s all from what’s in your head, and the head of the artist I only know as ‘Pacman23’ is pretty dope.  When he scanned in a series of pictures from a sketchbook of his, I knew I had to throw it up.

The Fenix Supercar…

A new supercar under the Fenix Automotive banner and shares similarities with the old M12 and M400 cars, while it shares features like the general shape and specs as that of the Noble M600. The Fenix will be powered by a choice of Chevrolet V8 powerplants, so customers can choose between 480 Horsepower LS3 or the 638 HorsepowerLS9 from the Corvette ZR1. It has a projected curb weight of just 2,645 pounds which aids the supercharged Fenix to sprint from 0-100mph in under 7 seconds and also reach a top speed of 200 mph.

The company is developing its first prototype at it’s manufacturing facility in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The level of performance and sophistication that Fenix offers is way better than the rival thorough bred sportscar at almost half the price. The Fenix supercar is expected to go on sale in the UK in the second half of 2010 and US as well.  Keep in mind, these are some of the first images to be released.