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Magical Chocolate?

This Brownie Stuffed Magic Chocolate Ball with Caramel is a decadent dessert when hot caramel melts the chocolate to reveal a brownie and fresh raspberries too! Our salted caramel sauce is the perfect finish to this magical dessert that looks oh so fancy but is so easy to make! You can also pour hot fudge on top of this magic chocolate ball which is more common but I say why not have caramel and fudge.  Check out the crash course/at home version of the recipe below… for those of us who aren’t gourmet chefs.

Pairing Series by Kyle Dreier

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It is generally agreed that for each type of food exist perfect type of drinks. And Nashville based food photographer Kyle Dreier decided to show how to compose them ideally. In the project called “Pairings Series: Food & Drink…and String” he composed perfect pairs of food and drink. And if you don’t know or doubt what to choose for your dinner take a look at this series and you will know.

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HYUNA – ‘Ice Cream’ (Official Music Video)

4Minute member HyunA premiered the music video for her song, “Ice Cream”. The singer made a cameo in the viral “Gangnam Style” clip back in July and fellow K-pop star Psy returns the favor in her sexy, sweets-filled video. “Ice Cream” ups the sex factor, but not before a funny cameo from Psy. The South Korean rapper infiltrates HyunA’s ice cream truck for a sweet treat, but ultimately is caught by the 4Minute singer. She rocks an urban look in the video with bright outfits and faux tattoos to match the pop song’s hip-hop lean. HyunA’s dance choreography is more suggestive than “Bubble Pop!” as she embraces a shirtless guy and moves around in bath bubbles.

Ice Cream Glassware.

This beautiful bouquet of ice cream canapé glasses is the latest from Martin Jakobsen, the designer is also know for his other famous creation, the revolution wine glass. The hand-blown Kkis set is a sexy twist on stemware that makes for an elegant and enticing presentation for after dinner desserts.

Mass Suicide… Or Delicious Treat?

At first glance it looks like they’re putting real guns in their mouths, but fear not they are eating edible ice guns. They all have different kinds of flavors–cola, cherry, licorice and black currant. They are an addition to the first 50 tinted ice guns that Florian Jenett and Valentin Beinroth made and placed in downtown Frankfurt a few years ago.  These edible eatables where exhibited at an art show called “Freeze Revisited”, and their existence certainly shocked a lot of people.

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream.

Liquid Nitrogen made by Smitten Ice Cream is made on the spot and is certainly a different take on the Nitro-Ice Cream trend than Chin Chin Labs that Justinechecked out for us in London ~ that was a bit more mad scientist with lab coats and kitchen-aid mixers…  Father/Daughter team Chas Edwards and Roma Edwards, indulged my curiosity and took a bunch of awesome cell phone pics when trying out Smitten Ice Cream in Hayes Valley, CA.  My fascination began when I saw a show about unusual cooking methods and I realized that food’s just more fun with a bit of dramatic looking crazy science.  (Especially in a shipping container.) Though apparently the made-to-order process does take some time… and it melts a bit quickly, but it does look fun.

Gucci Mane’s Ice Cream Tattoo.

So the internet has been a-buzz with searches for pictures of Gucci’s new tattoo, I’ve got it, but lets start from the beginning… Less than six months after his release from prison, Gucci Mane checked himself into a rehab facility for an addiction to cocaine.  According to Ozone Magazine, members of the rapper’s entourage were involved in an hour-long stand-off against Gucci outside the Riverwoods Southern Regional Psychiatric Center in Riverdale, GA in October of last year. The group, which included his manager and lawyer, begged him to enter the facility for treatment, apparently interrupting a Narcotics Anonymous class that was taking place at the time of his arrival.  After coaxing from his lawyer, who convinced the ‘So Wasted’ rapper that failing to get help for his drug addiction could land him right back behind bars, the 30-year-old turned himself in for 28-day treatment. The facility, which specializes in alcohol and substance abuse released Gucci Mane a few days ago, but it looks like they released him too soon.  Check out the ice cream tattoo he got from Tenth Street Tattoo in Atlanta.