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Android Wear


Rather than build the physical smartwatch itself, the folks at Google have decided to build software to help power the hardware. The search giant calls this new technology Android Wear. While it is applicable to more than just watches, the wrist watch will be the first target for the new software. Android Wear allows you to interact with your device in a meaningful way – traffic reports on the way to work, taxi cabs within the local area, weather when you wake up in the morning, and fitness tracking among other things. Of course normal smartphone functions like music player, text messages, email, and the likes will also be controlled through Android Wear devices, all by using either your voice or the touchscreen interface. Google has already revealed that they have teamed up with some of the biggest smartphone makers in the game on the first round of wearables – brands like HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG and Asus.

Lordson J vs. Times Square.

DSC_0192So over the years there have been a plethora of women showcased on this site for their looks, and I’ve gotten email after email from female subscribers about featuring male models.  I was never really sure how to approach it, until I saw a billboard featuring a very good friend of mine in Times Square briefly.  It turns out that Avera Inc. is have a competition fueled by votes to see who’s photo gets a semi-permanent spot in the center of the Big Apple, and I felt like it’d be the perfect time to satisfy female viewers by having them vote for the first male model featured on this site.  Lordson J has many more things in the works, and if the ladies put in their ‘likes’ on the Avera site, we’ll be sure to feature him more often.  Click any of the pics to see more.DSC_0061deep


Apple vs. Samsung

Apple just threw a tantrum because they were ordered to tell Samsung a bunch of secrets that could potentially help Samsung keep their products on the shelves.  On Thursday, a judge ordered Apple to hand over information about their patent deal with HTC to Samsung. Samsung wants to see the patent agreement between HTC and Apple because it could potentially help their defense in Apple’s crusade to get most of Samsung’s biggest products taken off store shelves. The Verge’s Bryan Bishop explained it best:

If so, the company argues, Apple’s request that infringing Samsung products be removed from the market falls apart, because Apple was happy to “forego exclusivity in exchange for money” — and in this instance, Apple is already receiving money in the form of a hefty $1.049 billion verdict.

So, most likely in response to that judge’s ruling, Apple added a bunch of new products to the never-ending list of Samsung things they want taken off store shelves for infringing on their patents. The new list includes the following:

  • Samsung’s Galaxy S III running the latest Android software (which recently passed the iPhone in global dominance)
  • Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2
  • Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 8.9 Wifi
  • Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
  • Samsung’s Rugby Pro
  • Samsung’s Galaxy S III Mini

This is just another chapter in the totally mature, totally civil legal battle between the two companies. It will get uglier before it’s resolved, we can promise you that.

HTC Teams Up With Beats By Dre.

The marriage of these two companies is very, very good. We are very good for each other,” says Jimmy Iovine, the chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records and co-founder of Beats By Dr. Dre with rapper/producer Dr. Dre. “With HTC’s innovation, technology and leadership, we feel we can really compete with anybody in this area.”

Eden is Beautiful.

The HTC New Eden 1 Concept is 1 of 2 designs to come out of the New Eden project, hosted by BriefMobile, that sets out to create the most appealing, feasible, hardware design for mobile devices. It aims to captivate with innovative and attractive hardware, as HTC did with the original Touch Diamond and other products that followed. The New Eden 1 is a device with a durable aluminum shell that combines traditional HTC design language with a fresher, more futuristic look.

I think it’s a good direction but something about the design, and to a larger extent all HTC phones, doesn’t feel effortless. Yes it’s clean and minimal but I think it’s time for designers to look elsewhere for inspiration. Apple has the whole slim aluminum and glass aesthetic down. It’s become a part of their DNA. Any manufacturer playing with those materials fall victim to the “it’s not an iPhone” category. There are other materials out there to play with – wonderful and tactile options that can enhance the mobile experience in a way Apple hasn’t thought of yet. Thinking caps ON.  But all that taken into consideration, I do very much like this phone, and I hope to see it, or something like it out on the market soon.