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Giant Robotic Beetle

walking-giant-beetle-robot-designboom-30 walking-giant-beetle-robot-designboom-10 walking-giant-beetle-robot-designboom-20

Japanese machine shop owner hitoshi takahashi built this 11-meter-tall robotic walking beetle called KABUTOM RX-03. The mobile sculpture, which takes its name from kabuto — a type of rhinoceros beetle typical to Japan — features characteristics typical to the insects like pointing horns and elongated legs. With over 30 moving parts, the machine includes a variety of technological details, such as the ability to shoot steam from the top of its head and its remote controlled legs that can reach speeds up to 4 kilometers per hour. Weighing 17 tons in total, the robot can transport up to seven people with one driver riding on top and six occupants fitting in an internal compartment.

Volume Acoustic iPhone Speaker By Paul Cocksedge

Volume-Acoustic-iPhone-Speaker-by-Paul-Cocksedge-1-600x476 Volume-Acoustic-iPhone-Speaker-by-Paul-Cocksedge-2-600x400

Designer Paul Cocksedge introduces his next smartphone speaker simply dubbed the Volume. The speaker carries the same elegant simplicity as its vinyl counterpart, which is a horn like shape allowing users to hear the music however they prefer. Mid-air for ambient listening is the most popular choice, but there is also the option for more directional sound which can be achieved by using its angled foot on a flat surface.

Volume-Acoustic-iPhone-Speaker-by-Paul-Cocksedge-4 Volume-Acoustic-iPhone-Speaker-by-Paul-Cocksedge-3