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The Hemsworth Brothers | ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ Spoof


Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep star in the hilarious video, directed by Christopher Nolan spoof viral video on YouTube Australian brothers Chris and Liam Hemsworth star in new video parody. This video is the first time the Hemsworth brothers have appeared together on camera. As most people know, this is a mock sequel to Charlie Bit My Finger viral clip that has been on YouTube for quite a few years now.


The Flip Side.

Around mid 2011 some friends and I had discussed the possibility of shooting some short comedy sketches, and immediately premises started flying about.  Some good, some great, none of which I can talk about in this post, but I’ve never seen a video and thought to myself “DAMN, why didn’t we think of that?”… until just now.  While researching some camera equipment I came across a video titled “The Flip Side”.  It’s a simple concept with tons of hilarious applications, and its honestly something no one on my team thought of.  As bitter as I may have initially been about that, it doesn’t matter, because the guys behind this video couldn’t have done it any better neither could anyone else.  What would the world be like if women acted like men, and vice-versa?  Check the method below to find out.

Smart-Ass Remarks To Everyday Signs.

Amongst my friends I’m know for having a somewhat… acquired taste in terms of my humor.  I love to say and do things that most would find crass, but I personally think are hilarious.  So seeing a collection of every day signs that others have decorated with the intent of sarcasm was refreshing to me.  I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one with a odd sense of what’s funny.

Japanese Fanta Commercials Are The Greatest.

I’m sure many readers remember the “Fantanas”, which were Fanta’s attempt at using sex appeal to sell flavored soda.  There have been a few different changes to the line up of Fantanas, but to me the originals were always the best, especially the red one (who’s actual name is K.D. Aubert… the walking Viagra pill).  But it never occurred to me that in other countries, marketing directors may have gone in other directions to try and sell Fanta… until I saw the old school Japanese ads.  The set of ads for Fanta below were all exclusively created for the market in Japan, and feature a different direction than the ones I was used to growing up.  That being said, I don’t think I’ve laughed as hard ever in life.  Check the method below, and keep in mind that there are TONS more of these ads scattered around the web.