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Luminous Sea Creatures


Photographer Joshua Lambus has put together a beautiful series of photographs showing luminous creatures of the deep glowing with light against a pitch-black background. The project is titled “Blackwater.”


The photographs were captured in the ocean during the Hawaii-based photographer’s deep dives. “My photos are to show people things they haven’t seen before… or maybe things they see all the time… in a way they’ve never cared to look,” Lambus writes. Lambus is a veteran of deep dives, having logged hundreds of dives for both personal and commercial purposes. The dives are held in the darkness of the night in water that is thousands of feet deep. Lambus ventures deep under the surface to photograph the animals as they float by.

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Louis Vuitton Traveling Curiosities Exhibition: Honolulu

Picture 16

Artist Billie Achilleos has crafted 8 imaginative creatures from Louis Vuitton’s Traveling Curiosities exhibition, including a giant sea turtle out of Louis Vuitton accessories for the brand’s store in Waikiki, Honolulu. Each animal is pieced together with handbags, small leather goods, belts, wallets, and travel accessories made of Louis Vuitton’s distinct leathers and canvas.

Louis-vuitton-turtle-600x418 LV-turtle-600x400

Lava Meets Water In Extreme Pictures From Hawaii

Braving treacherous tides and molten lava flows with temperatures that can measure thousands of degrees Fahrenheit, the pair camp on active volcanoes, chase lava flows to the coast and swim up as close as they can get in order to capture these dramatic shots.  Kilauea, the source for the photos, is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. It’s located on Big Island within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, a 320,000-acre preserve that is home to endangered, native Hawaiian birds. Two daredevil photographers, Nick Selway and C. J. Kale, taking these awesome photos is anything but a day at the beach.

Follow The Wave.

These incredible images of waves were taken by the number 1 photographer of surf: Clark Little.  He has dedicated his life to photographing the waves and has published a selection of the the best images of his career.  The pictures capture magical moments inside the wave  “tube”, as surfers say.

YMCMB In Hawaii.

It’s no surprise to anyone that Birdman and the YMCMB crew do it big.  But this 12 minute docu-film about a recent trip to the U.S.’s 50th state was still quite interesting to watch.  Check the method below.

Kalia Williams vs. Nina Roxanne (Battle: Hawaii)

Many of the posts on this blog have come to fruition because of conversations or arguments I have with my friends, and this one is no different.  A homegirl of mine in Walnut Creek, CA, made a statement about Hawaiian girls being over rated, and I was a bit taken aback.  I’ve dated a Hawaiian girl or two in my yesteryears, and I wanted to prove my friend wrong, so I dug up two of the hottest Hawaiian models I could find in 5 minutes.  Both Kailia Williams and Nina Roxanne are incredibly gorgeous natives of the 50th state, and I’d love to get your opinion of who you think is hotter.

Kaila Williams

The 25 years old model Kalia Willams, is originally from a small town called Haleiwa located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Though She is from Hawaii, she’s of mixed backgrounds, (black and white).  She even has a twin sister.  Kalia left the islands to see what the rest of the world was up to, and landed in San Francisco where her and her twins’s father’s side of the family is from.  Afterwards it was off to Toronto where they both worked with a lingerie company (modeling) for about a year, then finally landing in Los Angeles.  Kalia has made So. Cal her home for a number of reasons.  Most recently, she’s put her mind toward perusing a career in event coordinating and wedding planning alongside modeling.

Nina Roxanne

Nina Roxanne is a 24 year old established model more in the “Import” scene, but she wants to widen her portfolio to other horizons as well.  She’s a splendid mix of Filipina, German, Irish and French.   Nina grew up in Honolulu Hawaii where she started her modeling career with Island girl calendars and gogo dancing for major events and club nights, which led her to dancing all over the US and Canada.  Nina now has since moved to California from Honolulu. Nina has also appreared as one of the girl’s in TI’s “Why You Wanna” and key figure in the Making of the video on MTV.