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Lets Hit The Mental Gym.

There is a new age emerging, when mental health is emerging as a serious concern among the general public.  More specifically mens mental health.  Over the ages, mens mental health has been swept under the rug, and passed off as “being soft” or too sensitive.  Those types of disparaging sentiments have lead to untold issues among men, and even some say, more specifically Black men.  But regardless the issues, helping them is what’s key.  Charlamane Tha God has taken it upon himself to have some friends do some research, and the results on how some eleviate stress and work on their mental health, is to work OUT their mental health.  Check the method below.

Boxing In Havana.

Boxing has been a world renowned sport for generations.  Cities, and countries alike breed fighters from birth to be able to say they have the best competitors in the world.  Cuba is a region where some may not think the sport of boxing is a serious past time, but Gimnasio Rafael Trejo put up a collection of photos that prove other wise.  You may not have the best equipment in the best facilities at the disposal of the best trainers, but in Cuba, that doesn’t mean your can’t be the best.