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What Happens When You Make Guys Talk To Hot Girls.

mila-kunis-in-gq-russia-august-2012-photos-hi-res-001Have you ever walked into the first day of one of your college classes and seen a girl like this sitting down next to you?  (Probably not, because that’s Mila Kunis eating a flower…) But a girl so off the wall beautiful you’re not quite sure what to say?  Over time people develop crushes, and most of the time it’s the male who’s afraid to reach out to the woman.  Simple Pickup however, went around and turned a few guys into men, by forcing them to call their crushes… on camera… on speaker-phone.  Check out some these really funny outcomes below.

Worst 100 Pick-Up Lines of All Time

Young couple drinking wine and having fun

Working in a night club you hear some of the worst pick up lines ever. In a crushingly futile eight and a half minute cringe-fest which could have easily been renamed “100 surefire ways to get maced in the face by strangers you’ll definitely never have sex with”. 18 year old Brisbane comedian is completely incapable of feeling shame by trying his hand at some of the most ineffective pickup lines of all time to show you how its not to be done.