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The Greenest Yacht On The Water.

Benetti-Ocean-Paradise-yacht-600x401 Ocean-Paradise-600x400

The annual gathering of yacht connoisseurs came to a close in Monaco over the weekend, with the prestigious Rina Green Plus prize going to a new mega-yacht from Italian manufacturer Benetti.  The 55-meter boat, presented in a world premiere at the Monaco Yacht Show, was recognized as the year’s leading example of yacht constructors’ efforts to reduce the carbon footprints of their vessels. The prize is awarded based on the criteria set out by Rina, a marine services company, in its Green Plus certification label, which encourages all manufacturers to produce more eco-friendly boats.  Among the innovative and green technologies aboard the Ocean Paradise is a system that reabsorbs greenhouse gas emissions in order to limit their dispersion in the marine environment. Benetti used a brand new coating on the hull of the yacht, reducing resistance in the water and thus enhancing fuel efficiency. The boat is lit with next-generation LED lights, also an optimal choice for energy efficiency.

Ocean-Paradise-yacht-living-room-600x382 Ocean-Paradise-yacht-dining-600x396

Lacoste’s New Lenses.


Lacoste is launching a bright, glow-in-the-dark edition of its Lacoste L714s aviator-style sunglasses. These special edition sunglasses are outfitted in a rainbow of bright colors: yellow and orange or blue, green and purple.  The neon frames are made of a special plastic that absorbs sunlight and artificial light in the day. The result: trendy glow-in-the-dark frames at night.  Lacoste also equipped these new glasses with mirrored lenses, another of the season’s top trends. The next-generation Lacoste L714s sunglasses will be available from June at €115 (around $160).




There might be a second definition for the phrase “Smoking a fatty”, this Multihigh, an online smoking accessories and paraphernalia shop, brings us Cannadoms; green, marijuana flavored condoms. It’s a superb way to win the heart of your stoner girlfriend, or a really risky way to test the sexual limits of your non-stoner girlfriend.

Shanghai Hotel Creates World Largest Ball Pit


The Kerry Hotel in Shanghai broke the record for the world’s largest ball pit and filled a swimming pool with 1 million pink and green balls. The world-record stunt was for a good cause: raising awareness for breast cancer prevention. Three hundred of the guests were cancer survivors from the Shanghai Cancer Recovery Club.

ballpit04-600x399 ballpit01-600x399

Marshall Hanwell Home Speaker


In tribute to Marshall’s long standing tradition of producing limited edition amps for some very special artists and occasions, the iconic British brand have released the classic Hanwell home speaker in three limited edition colourways. Available in cream, purple, and green, this version of the Hanwell moves “Marshall’s heritage of big stage performance out of the arena and into your personal space” and comes with a commemorative 50th anniversary badge, the trademark Marshall logo in gold script, and a vintage-inspired fret grille cloth. The speakers also each feature an analog power switch, volume knob, and bass and treble controls for custom tuning.

Playful “Memory” Balloon Lights

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Balloons are universally happy, though they don’t last forever. With John Moncrieff’s “Memory” design, these childhood inspired light fixtures are available to attach to your wall as a sconce or to the ceiling as a pendant to cherish daily. A great addition to a kids room, pop art inspired space or your favorite room in the house. “Memory” comes in all kinds of colored glass (opal, turquoise, pink, green and orange are just a few of the hues) and a couple of different sizes for some variance and hierarchy if you choose to group them.04 03 02 01

Psychology of Color [Infographic]

20130408-TopRankTeam-Psychology of colors

A Year in Full Colour – Moleskine Planners

Made and directed by the graphic motion designer Rogier Wieland, the video was made using 382 notebooks. Check out the creativity they used to show off these new colors Magenta, Violet, Green and Yellow. These new colors join the iconic Moleskine black planners.

Earthscrapers: Is Going Down Instead Of Up A Greener Way To Build?

Every year, TreeHugger and all the architectural websites troll through theEvolo competition entries, looking for the most imaginative work from young architects with time on their hands. Sometimes you just have to shake your head and wonder at the creativity and drawing skills. In 2010, they did not pay a lot of attention to Bunker Arquitectura’s proposal for Earthscraper, an upside down pyramid in downtown Mexico City.

It was not a new idea, and it was not the best iteration of it that we had seen. But in two years, it has become a worldwide sensation. Emily Gertz at EcoImagination writes:

Earthscraper has become the architectural equivalent of a shot heard ’round the world. Since first surfacing this past summer on a handful of major design and tech blogs like,, and, this conceptual design for a 65-story, 82,000-square-foot inverted pyramid underneath Mexico City now commands over a quarter-million stories in diverse publications around the globe.

She spoke with Jeremy Faludi, who had some issues with the concept:

I think it would work much better in a dry area in a northern, colder climate, where solid ground keeps you warm, and the glass top acts as a greenhouse. In a hot climate, putting a building underground removes many ventilation opportunities—and you don’t want all that heat.

They discounted it at the time for some of the same reasons; while most people admired the density, They didn’t think it resolved the environmental issues. Also they remembered an earlier proposal from 2007 that had the same name, Earthscraper. and they thought, from an environmental point of view, was perhaps a bit better resolved:

Sunlight goes into the building through the central hole and a system of autoregulated mirrors induces complementary light into the depths. The circulation of natural air is forced through four suction nozzles that injects renewed air to the “green rings”.

But when it comes to resolving environmental issues, nobody comes close to Matthew Fromboluti, who has designed a skyscraper that seeks not only to hold a veritable society worth of people and uses, but simultaneously heals the scarred landscape of the desert outside of Bisbee, Arizona. His project, titled “Above Below,” proposes the infill of a 900-foot deep and nearly 300-acre wide crater left by the former Lavender Pit Mine with a structure that will hold living and working areas, and green space for farming and recreation.

He’s designed passive systems that work well in hot climates, including evaporative coolers and a solar chimney to create air circulation.

The land carved out by the Lavender Pit Mine is reclaimed by the desert, resembling its condition before the mine took place.

The Canopy Tower.

“Boutique Design” has designed “The Canopy” which is a residential tower that aims to take advantage of Hong Kong’s geographic specifications.  The Canopy was created in order to blur the boundary between the modern interior spaces and the dramatic natural landscapes that surround the bustling metropolis.  Each apartment has the feel of a modern-day tree house, with luxurious interior spaces that open out onto a 525 square foot garden balcony.  The tower has an optimized structure with standard units to minimize the construction cost and can be easily reproduced into multiple towers, its green envelope making each tower unique and integrated into its natural surrounding.

A Way To A Wind Powered Future.

The simply named Road Lights is a system of wind generated lane lights powered by the wind of vehicles whizzing by. You’ve all felt it before, that wall of air as a car passes by. Why waste it? The energy captured by the system illuminates a series of pegs 50-100 meters in front of you to lead the way. Eco-friendly (yes I’m still using that phrase) and a perfect opportunity for a really creative car commercial.

The New Z Electric.

The Zeleritas electric racing concept by designer Willie Tay combines current & future driving technologies with hard styling into a single passenger roadster with a straight-from-the-track feel. A monocoque carbon fiber body, retractable glass hard top, & exposed wheels give it an Indy car edge while modern features like the HUD active matrix windscreen, paramagnetic body paint, & discreet integrated lights enhance both the visual and driving experiences. One of the most attractive racing designs I’ve seen since the Ford Indigo.

The Sky Garden House.

I think one of the reasons that many are skeptical about environmental design is because they think its terribly complex and costly. It does take a bit more effort on the front end, but it’s definitely not rocket science. This architecture by Guz Architects is a wonderfully developed minimalistic design with a curvilinear flare that really brings out the organic coverings. I’m most impressed with how design facilitates the needs of the plants and shrubs located throughout the house… and it would also be a bomb place to throw a party.