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‘Euphony’ by los angeles-based collaborative design and fabrication studio ball nogues is a permanent architectural installation at the recently opened music city center in nashville, tennessee. Completed in may 2013, the piece is featured in a large atrium space visible from the exterior of the building. Designer benjamin ball is known for exploring the intersection of architecture, art and product design through physical modeling and the use of digital and more traditional forms of production, as seen in this latest creation. The spiral form gently curves its way down the high void. Made from intricately crafted beaded pieces, the form is at once gentle and bold, the contrasting elements reflect a soft, glowing light from the large full height windows.

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Jellyfish Lamps Shine Rather Than Sting

Jellyfish-Lamps-2Jellyfish-Lamps-3  These jellyfish lamps by Roxy Russel Design will instantly transform any room into an ethereal underwater scene. Each lamp is made from eco-friendly materials like translucent mylar, which gives them that soft, mesmerizing glow.


Hublot La Cle’ Du Temps Watch.

Just incase any readers were wondering what Hublot La Cle’ Du Temps meant, lets just say it means, the most gangsta/baller watch on the scene right now.  When Hublot recently unveiled a new version of the La Clef du Temps watch, called “La Clé Du Temps” I had to put it up.  It’s different from any other watch the brand has created before, the name La Clé Du Temps translates to English as “the key of time”, chosen for this watch due to a special set of functionality.  Upon the owner’s command, time will slow down or speed up as displayed on the watch, ready to revert to the proper time as needed. Hublot wanted to give this watch’s wearer the sense that they themselves controlled the flow of time, and this machine was the source of their power.  The luxury timepiece features a matte black cover which is combined with glowing green accents and a metallic plate, which all give this watch a futuristic look.  On the bottom of the case, a cylinder extends outward with a tourbillon which drives this watch’s movement.  The display includes an hour/minute dial to the upper right, a 5-day power reserve display on the bottom left and the “key of time” system in the upper left.  More details about the Hublot La Clé Du Temps watch such as specs, pricing and availability will be released in March 2011.