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Tree Roots Ceiling Installation By Giuseppe Licari

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Rotterdam-based sicilian artist giuseppe licari presents a network of tree roots hanging from the ceiling like foreign, organic chandeliers. His site-specific installation titled ‘humus’ –  which refers to the soil layer that is essential for the growth of trees and plants – features the extended prickly roots of trees affixed to the top of a constructed ceiling, transforming the room into a sort of underground lair. The work articulates a world where visitors are able to get an exclusive peek at a hidden world beneath a park or forest. The dead trees are presenting with their roots, the condition of the soil in which they have grown in their urban environment. The relationship between humankind and nature, growth and decay are central themes in licari’s work, which resonates with an echo of arte povera.
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Inka Anica vs. Miss Frenchy (Blondes vs. Brunettes)

Recently, alot of my attention has been focused on strengthening bonds in a few far away places, (Thailand, Japan, Germany, Russia, and Costa Rica), but as I look through some of the great things theses and other places abroad have to offer, I can’t help but stop and admire the women there.  So in spirit of foreign appreciation I’ve picked out two of the nicest, most exotic women I could find on my side of the entertainment industry.  Now, when looking through photos of these wonderful ladies, my friends kept classifying them as either “The Blonde” or “The Brunette”, so I want to know what you think.  With all things taken into consideration with these two amazingly beautiful women, I’d like to know who you think wins… Blonde or Brunette.

Inka Anica

Now, I’m not too familiar with many of the exports that come out of Finland, but if they are all as amazing as Inka Anica, I’d love to take a visit.  Anica’s passion for modeling was always present although it took a long time though to accept herself as a model who could make it in the industry at her size.  (34D-26-41)  Her stunning body, gorgeous face, and shining blonde hair has landed her features as Myspace’s Official Eye Candy, Top Floor Entertainment Magazine, and even been spotted on the ABC Morning News.  Eventually Inka hopes to reside in the states, and have make swimsuit, commercials, editorial, magazines, and runway modeling a full time job.

Miss Frenchy

One of modeling’s newest prospects goes simply by the name of Miss Frenchy.  Since living in the caribbean as a little girl, Frenchy has grown up to be featured in Straight Stuntin magazine, MiXED Magazine, VBLAZIN, Hip Hop Weekly, Sweets magazine, Enfluence mag and SHOW.  Her stunning figure and incredible looks have also been featured in several music videos with Jimmy Cliff and Beenie Man.  Frenchy claims however not to be a model, “I’m just a lady that likes taking pictures“.  But whatever the case may be, she is very motivated and hard working, and more than dedicated to giving guys an incredible body to look at.